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Ryan Flanagan Testimonial

I have been training for over 3 years now. I recently moved to San Diego from Newport Beach and, needless to say, needed to find a gym. In my searching, I wanted to find a gym that had top notch coaching/trainers, ample supply of equipment, and maybe most importantly, an intense but welcoming atmosphere. After visiting a few gyms in the area, none of which I can say anything negative about, I found my fit at 619.

From the get go, Chris took great initiative in making sure I felt welcome and that 619  would, indeed, be a great fit. His care and attention towards new members was definitely noted in my mind, and assured me that I was making the right decision.

Like I said, I came from Orange County where I have worked out at many top-notch gyms, and 619 holds up to all of them. They have knowledgeable training staff (I had already learned something new on my first day there) and motivating environmentc (I have already set a new personal record on a particular lift). I would definitely recommend this gym for anyone looking to get back in shape or reach that next level. 5 stars all the way.

Hilda Garcia Testimonial

When I went to the Bridal Bazaar about a year and a half ago, I had no idea that it was going to change my life the way that it did. Had I not gone, I would still be 20 lbs heavier …and growing!!! While at the bazaar, I entered a drawing with Chris for 619. As it turns out, I won a twelve week free trial. SCORE!!! …and like every other bride in this world I wanted to loose weight for my wedding day.

DAY 1 of 619 I thought I was going to fall over and die! THE WARM UP was a run up a steep hill. The gym was packet. Five minutes into the workout, sweat was dripping and muscles were burning. It was actually Chris’ “bootcamp style” yelling that pushed me through the pain. I survived and was ready for more.

I worked out with 619 every day, stuck to my food list, kept a food journal, and soaked in the knowledge… fast forward to the day of my wedding. I stood there in my dress confident of the person I had become. I was no longer that growingly-depressed-with-little-to-no-confidence woman I was before I walked into the gym.

Thanks to Chris Keith and the core group of hardcore individuals that attend 619, I’ve been motivated to run 5Ks, 10Ks, and even a half marathon. I’m already signed up for Carlsbad Half and plan on going after that Triple Crown. Even my husband has been motivated to sign up for his first half marathon… and that MY FRIENDS is the POWER OF 619!!!

Lynn H.

I joined 619 after getting through a rough time in my life. It was one of the best purchases I’ve made. Chris Keith is an amazing trainer/coach who pushes me to better myself mentally and physically. I call him a coach because he as created a team atmosphere within his program.

The program can be intimidating but the results are worth it. During the first few weeks of working out with Chris I thought I was going to pass out and wasn’t sure how I’d ever keep up with everyone. However, his encouragement kept me coming back and soon I was seeing more tone in my muscles.

Because of my schedule I have mostly taken advantage of the outdoor workouts at DeAnza Cove (however you will see me in the gym more often soon;) ) Chris is constantly mixing it up and teaching me how to better myself as an athlete. If you aren’t an athlete you will be after 619. These workouts are hard and not for the weak. He pushes you to do things that seem impossible, but you will realize they are not.

Chris can seem tough, but if you stick it out, you will see it comes from a place of caring. He wants you to succeed and reach your goals. My goal is to better improve my half marathon time, so he constantly asks how my running is coming. He continues to motivate me, and if you put the effort in, he will do the same for you.

Charlie C. Testimonial

I have been with 619 for a year and a half now and it has been such an awesome experience. I was looking to find a a program that would motivate me and change my life for the better. I found exactly that at 619.

Being a part of Chris’ training program has literally changed my life. I have lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks, I eat so much healthier, and have run further then I ever thought I could. I have never run farther then 4 miles in my life, after just four weeks of Chris’ training program I was able to run 10 miles.

The workout schedule is very flexible and you can choose to workout in the morning or the evening. The schedule is very clear and at the end of every class Chris makes sure that everyone knows where to go and what they are doing the next day or upcoming weekend.

Chris’ training program is challenging and is geared toward making you a better and stronger athlete. If you’re looking for a place to hangout or to have a leisurely workout this is NOT the place for you. If you follow the program, I guarantee you will lose weight and get the results you are looking for.

I highly recommend this program.

Wei Toh Testimonial

I plateaued at the gym working out by myself and 619 empowered to do better everytime. I’ve been going there for 2 months now and every single class still surprises me. The trainers there genuinely cares for you to improve. Chris can be a hard on us sometime, but I take it as an encouragement or reminder that we are slacking or not giving our best. The Saturday class at the Convention Center is a killer too! Never pushed myself so hard and man it feels good everytime after 619!

Lisa Ogren Testimonial

I signed up for 619 while I was training for my first marathon. I hate lifting weights on my own but I knew that I’d need something to balance the running so I figured I’d give this a try. It turns out that it was probably one of the best fitness decisions I’ve made in my life.

Since joining 619 my race times have improved dramatically and I’ve gone from being just a race finisher to actually placing in the top 10% of my age group in both triathlons and running races. And something I never expected: at least once a week a stranger will stop me to ask me what I do to get my arms to look the way they do. The workouts really work!

And yes, the workouts are difficult and sometimes there is yelling. But I believe that it’s because Chris genuinely cares about every one of his athletes. In fact, that’s my favorite part about 619 and what I believe sets it apart from other workouts in town. There’s not a chance that Chris is going to let you do any less than he believes you are capable of, even if it means that you get a little tough love every now and then. And he’s not afraid to aim high.

My personal favorite example of this is the time I brought a plastic nalgene to the workout because my metal bottles were dirty. Chris noticed and made me run an extra 2 miles up the USD hill at the end of the workout as punishment. Already feeling the fatigue of the workout, that was probably one of the most difficult runs I’ve done in my life. But I finished it and I know it made me stronger and tougher becasue during a triathlon a few weeks later, I actually used the memory of that run during the 5k at the end of the race. I was tired and worn out from the swim and the bike, but it still didn’t hurt as bad as that one run so I knew I could do it. When the race split times were posted the next day I was stunned to find out that I had run that 5k faster than any 5k I have ever run in my life. I would never have expected that out of myself, but Chris did and found a way to show me that it was possible.

So bottom line, if you want the best workout from the most knowledgeable heath and fitness trainer in San Diego who is not afraid to push you to your full potential, then sign up! Just go in knowing that anything worth doing isn’t easy and that you’re going to have to work hard too.

Ruben Perez Testimonial

I joined 619 back in February not knowing the first thing about the concept. I had been doing triathlon training , running, and lifting on my own and doing BootCamp with another outfit. For me 619 results speak volumes. My performance has improved significantly and so has my body weight composition. I gone down 2 sizes on my pants and lost 5lbs. I basically stop training for triathlons and yet every race I’ve done this year is about 10-12 mins better than the previous race. Chris is constantly challenging you to push yourself and do better than the last time. I must say it’s not for everyone, this is for what I describe as a “self motivated committed athlete”. Although I encourage people to try it at least a week and judge for themselves. The team camaraderie is awesome, so when you are struggling you get the support to push through the workout. Lately we’ve had a series of instructors join CF619, to teach the classes- all very qualified and supportive.

Ruben Perez has recently been named Athlete of The Month (click here to read more)

Melanie S. Testimonial

619 San Diego Personal Training gym location san diego

If you want to go to a new level of fitness, 619 is the place! I know that it’s all about having a great trainer and Chris Keith has proved he is THE BEST!

He is welcoming and friendly, well educated and make sure you learn proper form and technique which is essential to learning exercises well. I am hooked and inspired by this incredible coach! If you are a beginner he will give you confidence and if you are an athlete they will inspire you to reach a new level.
Thanks You Chris!

Mark Tate Testimonial

Master of Physical Therapy
Director, Musculoskeletal Program

As a licensed physical therapist with more than 10 years experience specializing in sports medicine and orthopedics and as a former Division I All-Conference free safety, I had a very high standard when it came to choosing a personal trainer that would not only motivate me, but also knew what the hell he was talking about. I wanted more than someone who took a weekend certificate course and “likes to work out” and who was just going to tell me to do 3 sets of 10 on everything and increase the weight to advance.

Chris Keith provided the perfect blend of solid training principles based on good science along with the motivation and skill of a coach to get the very best out of me at every session! No matter what your fitness level or fitness goal may be, Chris will be able to meet you where you are and push you where you want to be (…and then some…)!

And don’t even think about getting bored with the same routine every session because you’ll be doing so many new and different movements and participating in so many different events as part of the SD Personal Trainer “family” you’ll keep coming back just to see what’s next!

If you want a holistic approach to fitness that covers everything from proper nutrition to strength, speed, flexibility, and power, then look no further than Chris Keith at San Diego Personal Trainer! Just be prepared to bring your “A-Game” and join a culture of fitness second to none.

Thanks Chris!!

Kevin Kaiser Testimonial

I got lucky when I decided to give 619 a try. I wanted something different from the mundane workouts that had caused me to plateau in my strength and quickness, and 619 certainly delivered. From the moment I walked in it was a very positive atmosphere and the facility is great. Chris is an excellent trainer and basically a walking encyclopedia when it comes to working out, with endless amounts to teach if you are willing to put in the work and learn. He will kick up the intensity at times, but any real athlete knows that is just passion for what he does and the desire to help everyone better themselves. At 619 I’ve always been pushed to my max while still emphasizing form and safety in every drill.

The other athletes that work out at 619 and the overall positive vibe that starts with Chris is the reason that I never hit the snooze button when my alarm goes off at 5am to get to the gym. Can’t say enough how highly I think of 619 and will be going there for as long as I live in San Diego.

Sanel Lekic Testimonial

I have known Chris Keith for a number of years and must say that he is one of the most amazing individuals I have met personally, and professionally.

As a professional trainer, Chris is extremely knowledgeable and passionate who sets new standards for the industry. His approach to fitness is detailed and results oriented.

I have trained with Chris for a number of years,, and he has motivated and guided me to significantly improvements. He has targeted the key areas for me to work on and customized the workouts to get great and fast results which have tremendously increased my flexibility, stability, strength and over all well being.

Chris is extremely knowledgeable about physical training and good at explaining whatever he asks you to do and why, if you ask, so you learn along the way. he is also personable, respectful and a pleasure to work with, not to mention easy on the eyes too. He also goes out of his way to provide you with information way after my training sessions have expired with him.

I never get bored with Chris, as he always brings new fitness ideas and exercises to the table, making our workouts fun and extremely beneficial.

I couldn’t have asked for a better training experience than the one I got from Chris Keith. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat, and recommend him to anyone. He pushed me harder that I thought I could be pushed, but never TOO hard, either. It was a great experience.

We offer a goal oriented, inspiring, and positive and environment for anyone who is serious about achieving their fitness goals, overall health, and athleticism.  If you are looking for the best gym, training program, and personal trainers in San Diego then you have come to the right place.  Our pricing and membership is affordable and we have classes that will work around your schedule. Call Us 619-840-9099 or Email us to get started with your intro session.

619 San Diego Personal Training

619 is for those who are serious about working out and getting the best results. Chris knows his stuff and does care about his clients. He will do what it takes push you to get the best results. Its the only way to get better. When i first walked in the gym i knew that i was in for some hard workouts and i was looking forward to it. Of course chris wont let you slack off and not push you. Or else you wouldn’t achieve anything. He is a great coach and if your willing to commit to your workouts like he does then you will accomplish much. If you dont want to give your all and be disciplined then dont sign up. Otherwise joining 619 will change your mindset of a healthier lifestyle and will get you the results you are looking for. i worked out with chris for about a month until i had to move up to the OC for college. My well being felt so much better. My confidence was built there and as well as my work habits. I learned how to workout properly and more sufficient. Join 619 and start a new improved lifestyle. You wont regret it.

Joining 619 was a great decision. In just a few short weeks I noticed a drastic change in my body. I was more lean and fit than I had been in a very long time. The trainers pushed me to be my very best. I was able to do things and lift weight that I never expected to be able to. I met some really great people. Everyone there encourages each other every day to be our own person bests.
If you are looking to amp up your workout routine this is place to do it.


I was an out of town visitor to San Diego for two weeks, and was worried about getting my workout in while I was on travel… I was able to visit a couple of times while in town, and Chris was great- very nice and welcoming. The gym was very clean and had a cool vibe. Even though I’ve been doing working out for 10 months, I still struggle with some of the Oly moves and wanted to be sure I would be comfortable while there. Chris reassured me that I would fit right it. It was a great experience and I totally appreciate the opportunity to workout while in SD. Thanks, Chris!!


619 is a great place for working out. The coaches, the equipment and the surroundings are great. The garage door in the back makes it easy to make running WODs and gives some air circulation. Beside from that like the open and very welcoming atmosphere.

619 knows what it is all about, and the classes and the WODS are planned very nice, and this combination results in a great experience and a good workout.

Thanks to Chris, Kat, Mike and everybody at 619!

Jason W.

I have been training with Chris Keith for just over one year now. I feel more connected to body body than ever.

I the vibe in the gym is great, the music is upbeat and motivating, I truly know that I could never push myself this hard if I were to do any of this on my own. There is a lot to say about that and being in a group environment, where you get to know your workout friends and we all help each other. I show up early and leave feeling on top of the world.

Chris knows all the ins and outs, it takes a few classes to get familiar with the layout of the gym and of course common courtesy and most importantly safety. Bring a stainless water bottle, its way better for the environment and yourself! Also grab a towel to mop up your sweat, bring a good positive attitude and your body, spirit and mind will thank you for a lifetime.

I am more flexible, coordinated, limber, balanced, confident etc…than ever, I’m 33 and loving it here.

You rock Chris, thanks for all you have done!

Andrew B.

I accomplished more in 4 months with Chris Keith than I accomplished in 6 years of going to the gym on my own. I have worked with several trainers and countless coaches over the last 16 years and Chris is by far the most knowledgeable. Not only is he a certified personal trainer, but he has years of experience and continually grows professionally by attending clinics, consulting with other experts, and personal study. I value Chris’s expertise most in the area of Olympic weightlifting – when I started I did 65lb power cleans; within 4 months I was up to 150lb.

In terms of value, 619 San Diego  can’t be beat. Chris is known for giving great deals to members of the military and students (for both one on one sessions with him as well as a membership to the group classes). Unlike most commercial gyms, there are no bogus “activation fees” nor “administrative / processing fees.” The group classes are usually small, with only 10 – 15 people, and Chris is always available for instruction and supervision. Furthermore, there is a reciprocal arrangement with the Jiu Jitsu studio next door, where members of 619 San Diego Personal Training can attend Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes.

Note – this is NOT a “gym membership,” but a membership in a training program, a new lifestyle, etc. If you slack off and stop coming regularly, Chris will notice and will have something to say about it! If you don’t want your butt kicked – look elsewhere. But if you’re serious about becoming a more successful, athletic, confident person, then look no further.

Elana D

After reading the reviews about 619, I was so irritated at all the stupid reviews of Chris I decided to Join yelp and set people straight. If you want to work hard in a no frills environment then this bootcamp is for you.

Chris may come across as curt on the phone, but that is because he is busy taking care of his clients in person and ensuring they get the best workout. He sends you the initiation packet and expects you to read it. If you do read it you will be aware of the rues that he expects everyone to follow. He has these rules in place so we can all get a better workout. They really are not that hard to follow. Show up on time, have a positive attitude, bring a metal water bottle, keep an activity and food journal. If you don’t want to do these things, then don’t join 619, and if you cant follow these rules, your probably not a very functional adult.

Chris may be a little rough around the edges, but if you spend any time with him you will see that he has a good heart, cares about his clients and wants everyone to succeed. The atmosphere in the gym is team oriented and supportive. I am constantly challenged and look forward to bootcamp everyday. Once my first three months are up, I plan on purchasing as much bootcamp as I can afford. If you are willing to put in the effort, 619 is definitley worth it.

Chris M.

I have been going to 619 San Diego Personal Training since the end of December and I have to say, I am loving it! I noticed there are some bad reviews on here for it and I am sorry you had a bad experience. My only suggestion is to give it another shot. Chris, Josh, and Dave have been very positive and motivational and are always willing to help me work around any injuries I have. I have to say it is one of the best workouts I have ever had and I have seen my strength increase at a very rapid pace. Everyone I have met there works well together and pushes each other to succeed. If you aren’t afraid of working hard, I guarantee you WILL get results.

Be sure to keep a journal – it’s the one thing I have problems with and besides eating right, one of the more important things you can do.

Paul E.

Joining 619 San Diego Personal Training has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have been going to the 6:00 am workout almost every day for over a year, and I will definitely keep going as long as I can. Here’s why:

1) Chris cares about your success. He pays attention to your progress and your abilities.

2) Chris cares about more than just your physical results. He also emphasizes character, commitment, teamwork, dedication, and attention to detail.

3) Chris knows his stuff. His demonstrations are detailed and informative. He keeps up-to-date on the latest information on fitness, and is continually incorporating new ideas.

4) Chris pushes you to do your best. Mediocrity does not exist.

5) Chris makes you responsible for your own learning and progress.

6) Chris mixes it up! The workouts are always different and fun.

7) The workouts pack a punch! You will be amazed at how much you get done in one hour.

8) Chris sets goals and keeps the motivation going throughout the year.

9) The other people in the program are some of the finest people I have ever met.

10) Chris is always there for you. He puts out his best and expects the best from you. He is a leader by example.

Because of 619 San Diego Personal Training, I have never felt better or more confident. I am now motivated to set my alarm for 5:10 am every morning so I can get to his workout. Nobody else has ever motivated me to do that before (except the Navy – but that doesn’t count)! If you are serious about staying healthy and happy and about learning sustainable fitness habits, go with 619 San Diego Personal Training.


Joining 619 San Diego Personal Training is hands down…. one of best decisions I have made in my life :). I have been part of the 619 San Diego Personal Training family for nearly three years. I am surrounded by members and trainers that motivate me on a daily basis. I love being around a group of people that are driven, health conscious, fearless of intense workouts and encouraging to others. Our trainers….are highly knowledable and motivating. They empower you to reach your fullest potential. Our workouts vary daily…but one thing that is constant is the high intensity of our workouts. Our workouts include: Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, strength training, pull ups, kettle bells, tire jumping, heavy squats, double unders…just to name a few. I can honestly say that attending CF 619 classes 4 to 5 days a week has gotten me in the best shape of my life. My arms and legs are muscular and toned……and most importantly…..I have been muffin top free for almost three years!!! . I cant thank Chris Keith, our trainers and my fellow members enough….for continuing to motivate and support me in reaching my fitness goals……all while having a good time :). It is because of you guys that I am able to rock my short strapless dresses and feel confident and fabulous!!!

Jorge C.

I’ve been working with Chris and the 6AM crew for over a year, and I can’t imagine going back to slow, uninspiring gym-based workouts. Working with Chris has taken my perspective on fitness to a new level — nutrition, mobility, and olympic weightlifting were all topics I’d didn’t appreciate. I’ve never pushed myself this hard. Sometimes it’s painful but it always feels good. Chris is tough but has a good heart. He has assembled a fantastic group of regulars with a no-nonsense yet collaborative vibe. He asks for 100% and will give it back. It might not be for everyone, but I now can’t imagine going back…

Scotty M.

Having Chris be my trainer has been nothing short of an excellent experience!

As a former Naval Officer and veteran – competitive sports, an active lifestyle, and a sense of teamwork have always been a part of my life. When I was getting bored with the gym I looked to Chris and his gym to reinvigorate my workouts and routine. He has helped me succeed with this and has went above and beyond my expectations in many ways.

Chris truly cares about his clients that are willing to put in the time and effort into living a healthy lifestyle.
– Chris gives you exercises to complete, teaches you the correct way to do them, and teaches you why that exercise is important.
– Boredom doesn’t happen with him, after months of training I truly have yet to do the same workout twice.
– Time is spent discussing food/diet choices and what works, question and answer sessions after a workout are routine. Everyone is heard, everyone learns.
– Chris, and everyone that attends, sees each other as part of a team. Because we are. We workout together, we help each other, we encourage each other, we laugh together, we have a common goal.
– Journals are kept, there is no way (with the variety of workouts we do) you can remember every weight you have lifted and every time you have attained. Journals are a great way to improve all aspects of your workout and make you better – so we use them!
– Chris encourages goal setting. Its routine that there is a team of members that attend running and fitness events here in San Diego. Everyone is encouraged, no one is left out. If you haven’t run a half-marathon before, Chris will help you attain that goal (and more) until you achieve it.
– His workouts are difficult, but true to each person. I have yet to see him challenge someone to add more weight or do something faster without the person leaving with a sense of accomplishment. Many times you end up surprising yourself as to what you can do.
– All rules of the gym have a purpose. They are there for SAFETY, to encourage team building, add discipline. They are easy to understand and easy to follow.
– This program is not for you if you are weak-minded, lack commitment, or are undetermined. If you are none of those, and are ready to be challenged as part of a team with similar goals, it’s for you.

Shelly H.

619 San Diego Personal Training IS a training program to help develop the holistic self. It is NOT for someone looking to hang out or just workout. Chris Keith teaches his clients about fitness, self-respect, personal responsibility, core values, teamwork, respect for the environment, how to choose “nutrient dense” (healthy) foods and so much more!

I LOVE and enjoy workouts with Chris–I look forward to each session. I tried other local “bootcamps” and fitness programs, but they seemed like a chore. I always found myself watching the clock and dreading every single minute of the workouts. I’m so focused and challenged during my sessions I don’t even think about the time. I credit my enthusiasm to the set up and design of the workouts. Chris is an amazing coach. He has expanded my exercise repertoire and helped me fitness achieve goals I never dreamed I could accomplish. His sessions are always different. Each training session incorporates a balanced mix between exercises inside of the gym and outside of the gym. There are also opportunities to train at a variety of locations including the Convention Center and DeAnza Cove. Furthermore, not only does Chris teach his clients the proper techniques and form of variety of exercises, he teaches us the theory behind the exercises–why the techniques are effective.

Joining 619 San Diego Personal Training was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Chris Keith has high expectations and he challenges his clients. He has helped me become attuned with my personal best. I am the happiest, healthiest, most self-confident and fittest I’ve ever been in my life.


Chris is a great at getting in your head and motivates you to do things you wouldn’t push yourself to do. He is focused on helping you change your approach to working out and dieting. If you need an extra push to step up your work outs and take responsibility for changing then Chris is the guy for you.

Amy H.

I first started attending 619 San Diego Personal Training with a Groupon deal that gave me 3 one-on-one sessions with Chris Keith and a month of unlimited classes. After a month of some of the hardest workouts I’d ever experienced, I not only felt more knowledgeable about Olympic weightlifting and how to get the most out of a workout, but could feel a difference in my fitness level. I have done personal training through 24 hour fitness, Insanity workouts, and marathon training and have never felt that a work out was so effective.

I have since continued to attend classes and look forward to the challenge that I know awaits each session. Chris and his staff are professionals that offer encouragement and support while ensuring that each member is doing the workout safely.

I recommend 619 San Diego Personal Training to anyone who is motivated to become in better shape in a non-threatening, team environment and wants to push themselves to the next level.

Dustin A.

CK at 619 San Diego Personal Training has helped me achieve my short term goal of losing 20 lbs. and maintaining. I am down several pant sizes, my confidence is boosted, and I haven’t been this fit since high school!! Working with CK has helped keep me on track with my fitness goals, live a healthier lifestyle, kick bad habits, and overall has greatly improved my quality of life! I just signed up for a full YEAR of workouts, and Can’t wait to get Shredded in 2012. I highly recommend CK and 619 San Diego Personal Training to anyone in SD looking to get a great workout, have a great time, and meet some very cool, fun people. Be warned tho, his workouts are no-joke, you will hurt, you may even yak, but you will see results. Thank you so much CK!!

Amanda M.

I have been going to Cross Fit 619 for about 5 months, I truly enjoy the effort that this gym puts forth. Chris and Kat are extraordinary to work with and honestly want you to achieve any athletic goals you may have. Learning and growing with in CF takes time, self discipline and hard work, but this gym will help you build a foundation, as well as push you to be better and stronger.

Stephanie A.

619 San Diego Personal Training is AMAZING and has totally changed my outlook on training. I had just finished my last figure competition and the judges feedback was to get bigger shoulders. So I had to change my training up a little bit. My husband was training at 619 at the time and said”come and meet up with Chris Keith and see what he can do”. He called me back that same day and said that he can get me some Cocoanuts! I stated training with him 1 on 1 sessions, and he saw how strong I was. Its sooooo fun and exciting and everyone is so HELPFUL and want to see you succeed. Which I love. They actually HELP you and watch your movements to make sure that you are doing them right. Its a very professional atmosphere, and now I eat, breathe, and LOVE me some 619 San Diego Personal Training!! Im actually competing in my first CF competition this weekend. Thanks Chris and CF619 for getting me some cocoanuts, and I cant wait to see how much stronger I can get:))

Rain T.

I used to be very athletic and have a high metabolism so I never worried about my weight. After I turned 30 I suddenly started gaining weight and in a year I put on 20lbs. I felt horrible and couldn’t wear any of my clothes. I started exercising and trying to watch what I ate, but nothing was helping. I am getting married on 11/11/11 and became depressed thinking about getting married at that weight. I decided I needed to find a personal trainer since I apparently had no idea how to lose weight. I looked online and found Chris Keith. I went in for my consultation and thought Chris had such a great energy and looked like Buzz Lightyear, lol. I started training with Chris and it was so awesome! He kept me motivated and was tough on me when I was slacking or missing sessions! At first I didn’t follow the diet plan he gave me because I thought if I worked out with him it was enough. I finally had to admit I wasn’t 18 anymore and actually have to eat healthy now! After 4 months of training with Chris and following the diet plan he gave me I have lost 15lbs! I had to exchange my wedding reception dress for a smaller size and the girls at the dress shop wanted to know how I had lost so much weight! I feel wonderful emotionally and physically and I can wear all of my clothes again!

I’m not going to stop my new lifestyle after the wedding is over. Chris helped me realize it’s not only about looking good, it’s also about feeling good and having long term personal goals! I highly recommend Chris and his program!

Carrie D.

I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu next door to 619 San Diego Personal Training. I always used to see all the people training over there and think how intense the workouts looked and how there was no way I could do any of that stuff. After a back injury that repeatedly kept me from doing jiu jitsu I went to go see Chris, I have been working out there for a while and my back is stronger than ever. The workouts are intense but get you strong and your cardio up. I returned to jiu jitsu with my back and my whole body stronger than ever. Even though I can go back to jiu jitsu full time now I still do they cross fit work outs because they give you awesome results! Chris is fun and super knowledgeable.

Tiffany K.

Attended a class with my sister and this class kicked my butt. I workout every day and still couldn’t keep up with the other class members. I felt strong and fit afterward. The class worked on all muscle groups. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get in shape and get strong and fit.


There are a lot of ways you can spend your hard-earned fitness dollars. 95% of those are fluff and a total waste of time and money. Not to mention dangerous being taught by “trainers” that are undereducated, ill-prepared and motivated by the wrong reasons. Chris Keith is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes daunting world of choices for the layperson when it comes to fitness and exercise.

I started working out with Chris in the winter/spring of 2008. Right from the beginning I knew that I was in for something completely different. The passion that Chris has for his craft and the respect and esteem that he shows toward his clients is second to none. Sure, he is pushes you to your max and holds you accountable but isnt that the point? In a world and culture full of people that lack the courage of their own convictions and are always too quick to blame someone else for their shortcomings or make nebulous excuses, people like Chris are a welcome relief! If you don’t plan on working hard, having fun and coming prepared to class, then just stay in bed or stay at home and watch TV because you will only get in the way. His classes are designed for results oriented people- period.

Chris is generous with his knowledge of nutrition, physiology and exercise/sports science. He is truly one of the hardest working people that I know, but he does it all for his clients. I not only consider him my trainer but am proud to call him a friend as well.

If you want results, come join the party!

Art T.

I signed up with CK thru Groupon, having heard how good he was I couldn’t pass up the sweet deal & also find out for myself just how good he really was. I showed up with paperwork filled out & alum. water bottle in hand not knowing what to expect. His paperwork is extensive but I feel it’s only to help him help you. Chris is a master of assessing your fitness level even by just eyeing you. I was impressed that even after only my first class he hollered out my first & last name urging me to give it my all. Despite it being a group class, I felt it was personalized for me. He then proceeds to push you beyond what you think you can actually do causing you to achieve more than you would ever try on your own. The exercises are not what you would do at a conventional gym & they work multiple muscles at once. I grew to love the grueling workouts & always left exhausted but with a feeling of sheer accomplishment in knowing that I’m one step closer to that elusive chiseled body I’m after.

Ray M.

Chris is the bomb when it comes to motivating folks into real fitness. As we take responsibility for our own level of health, having a trainer like Chris makes working it much more challenging or rewarding! I’m grateful our paths have crossed!!! Keep up the great work Chris.

Rene M.

Hey guys seriously, this is hands down the best place I have been to. Chris is driven, tough, and a motivating instructor. With his help I was able to pass the physical aspects of Special Forces Selection and Assessment. He tailored workouts to my specific needs. A true professional. I highly recommend you join 619 San Diego Personal Training!

Chris S.

Chris was an amazing trainer. I attended his boot camp for many months, and managed to take a huge step in achieving my physical goals. Not for the timid, he will make you work….but that’s how we get results.

Tiffany K.

Attended a class with my sister and this class kicked my butt. I workout every day and still coulndn’t keep up with the other class members. I felt strong and fit afterward. The class worked on all muslce groups. I hightly recomend this to anyone looking to get in shape and get strong and fit.

Todd G.

619 is one tough workout. The morning workouts were always intense & made my day start off on a great note. I will say I dreaded every time I saw those tractor trailer tires laid out as I knew I’d be flipping those damn things all around Mission bay Park! (How come I always ended up with the damn heaviest one! LOL) if you want a workout you’ll never forget – join them on a Sunday morning Convention Center workout! Your legs will be jelly but you’ll feel awesome and sweaty at the end of the hour.

Also, on a side note Chris Keith has been a strong supporter of non-profit organizations in the community whether he donates services or attends events to show his support!

Eugene B.

I went to Chris to try to do cross-training with the hopes of improving my performance in other sports. His bootcamp 619 class was instrumental in helping me take my game to the next level. I have now incorporated several things I learned in my own workouts which have continued help to stay in top shape and injury free. Definitely go to Chris if you want fast, noticible results.

Lorena V.

I came to BootCamp619 to lose a few extra lbs and tighten up areas that unfortunately change when u have a child. I’m not gonna lie, my first day was REALLY tough but I knew this was what i needed, Chris really pushes u beyond ur limits. So if ur truly serious about transforming ur body this is the place to go in SD, hands down!

Maria M.

One word, STUD!!
Chris really helped kick my butt into gear and motivated me to be more active in my life.
thanks Chris!!

Michael T.

I dont know what else to say except that I dont understand why people are complaining about Chris. I have been working out for years now, just finished playing basketball in college and this is without a doubt the best workout I have ever had. The workouts are intense but fun at the same time. The way he mixes up the workouts every day and stays involved with the entire class clearly illustrates his dedication. So far I’ve been attending class for about a month and I’m already seeing results in both strength and physique. This is exactly what i was looking for when i moved to San Diego and I couldnt be happier that i found it with a trainer like Chris.

It’s also worth mentioning that being in grad school money is rather tight and I was looking for the most bang for my buck…. With this class I am practically getting personal training sessions at a YMCA rate. Its unreal what you get for the price he charges which shows that he is really in this industry to help people get stronger and more athletic. I cant recommend this class enough.

Now off to todays workout!!

Helen H.

Chris Keith is serious about his personal training & in being so dedicated to his profession, is literally saving lives. I was diagnosed with arterial calcification & told my diet needed an overhaul. I contacted a number of professionals – only Chris made the time for me. He was professional, kind, courteous & knowledgeable. Even though I have a doctorate, he taught me many new things & recommended additional reading/research. Now, one month later, I am well on my way to avoiding an angioplasty at a young age. My family is riddled with heart attacks & stroke. Thanks to Chris Keith & his personal training, I will not meet the same demise as my ancestors &, instead, live to see my daughters live healthy & fulfilled lives as well. Thank you, Chris. To the reader: if you are serious & psychologically ready to take on what many people are too reticent to commit to (i.e., clean living, healthy body), Chris’s professional expertise will serve you well. He changes & enhances every life – – as long as you are willing to honestly examine your own readiness for 100% commitment. Ignore the 1-star ratings if you are serious about quality, professional, highly motivating personal training.

Alex H.

Clearly people have polarizing views on Chris and his bootcamp. I personally found it to be the best work out I have ever had. I have always been in what I thought to be pretty good shape. Was I ever wrong!!! The first week at Chris’ bootcamp was harder than anything I ever done since I had an marine as a coach in highschool. After the first week it got “easier” in the sense that I saw results quickly and was better able to handle to difficulty of the workouts. People soon started asking if I had lost weight. I lost 10 pounds that I didn’t know I had to lose and was of course building muscle that whole time, so I probably lost about 15 pounds of fat. I feel better than I have in ages.

I have also been in the class during some of the times that Chris yelled at participants. It should be noted that: (a) this is Chris’ gym that he built from the ground up; (b) this is a BOOTCAMP class, Chris uses what he learned from his PT when he was in the service, if you don’t like that technique you won’t like his class; (c) if you are there to train and take the class seriously and follow the few rules that he has you will get an incredible workout; and (d) this is a BOOTCAMP class, if you talk back in bootcamp, you will get yelled at, if you half-ass it you will get yelled at. If you can’t handle any of that, this is clearly not the class for you. If you can handle it, then I can not recommend Chris and his class enough. It is hands down the best class workout I have ever had.

If you treat Chris, his gym and his class with respect and work your ass off he will treat you with respect and give you one of, if not the best training experience you have ever had. If you go regularly, he pays attention to your workouts and notes your gains and makes sure that you are mixing up your workouts to get the maximum gain.

If you want a great work out and want to see results, Chis is a great guy to go to. He will get you the results you are looking for. Just remember, treat the gym as you would someone else’s home, because that is what it is.

I hope you give it a shot, you will be happy with the results!

Janelle H.

I have been apart of this program for 3 months now. Its a awesome place to be and i always look forward to working out with the crew. Everyone is very nice and makes you feel welcome! Awesome team work and great energy!

Bryan V.

When I began this program, I was killing myself daily at the gym and getting very minimal results. I was getting frustrated and knew it was time for a serious change. After doing extensive research on Chris Keith, I finally realized that I was ready to take the next step. Since I have joined his program my endurance and energy level have made an amazing turn. I completed 3 marathons last year (Carlsbad, La Jolla, AFC), and also competed in the Marine Corps Bootcamp Challenge. It is amazing how I am continually surprising myself in attaining new levels of accomplishment and new goals to achieve.

Kasey J.

I have been an athlete since the early age of 2 due to the fact that I had a passion for the art of dance. With that being said, it is very hard for my body to break any plateaus that I may encounter physically. With Chris, I have found that my plateaus are very much a thing of the past. I have a new renewed strength, endurance and athleticism. I never would have thought that I would be a person to be capable of completing a half-marathon, or would even WANT to. I proudly say today that I finished my first half-marathon in 2:16:32!!

Alvin C.

Chris is great. He not only got me into the best shape of my life but he also helped me through a rough time in my life. I never imagined that I could be this fit and full of energy.

I have worked with Chris both as a one-on-one client and as a student in his and cross fit classes. In both cases he has always put forth a great deal of energy.

I think he gets a bad wrap from some people who expect a “24 hour fitness” experience, which this is not it. Chris invests a great deal of energy into each of his clients, he actually cares and works hard to try to get you to meet your goals, he is not one of these trainers that will take your money and tell you whatever you want to hear. Chris is a serious trainer and expects serious clients that are 100% dedicated to the program.

When I first started looking for trainers, I knew I had found the right one, when upon our first meeting Chris told me that he expected me to do 30 workouts in 30 days, keep an activity log and a nutrition journal. He sat down and worked on meal plans with me and told me others things that I could do to get myself in shape. No other trainer seemed as eager to help me get into shape.

If you are 100% committed to getting into the best shaped of your life, give Chris a call, you won’t regret it.

John P.

Being overweight and needing a change, I needed a trainer that would really motivate me. I found that with Chris Keith, not only does Chris provide the push” I needed to get off my duff and do something to change the way I am living. But it’s not just Chris, it’s also his team, they also motivate me. Watching the dedication and the hard work the team puts is just amazing. So, thank you Chris and thank you team for your words of encouragement!

I have been training with Chris for a little over a month, I feel great, I have more energy, eat healthier and the best yet, I dropped 1 dress size…so far.

Serge S.

I have been working out with Chris for a little bit over a year now and I am in the best shape of my life because of him and the people that surround him. People have to understand that this is not just a gym, it’s a life style. We all keep an activity log and food journal, eat healthy, work hard and are always pushing our selves, otherwise what’s the point. Chris’s dedication, motivation, inspiration and passion for fitness and the tough love’ is what keeps me going. And not to mention all the positive energy that you get from the other members especially when you think you can’t go any further or push any harder.

This is a message for future members: If you can’t follow directions and not ready to take this seriously please don’t waste not only Chris’s time but mine and the other members time as well. We are here because we want to get in shape and we will support you and help you in any way we can but we will not jeopardize our safety and our goals for someone that isn’t serious about this. Don’t forget we are a team, we succeed as one but we also fail as one.

Jennifer M.

I’m always checking out new workouts… I’m guilty of moving around to different gyms to get the best deal… so I’ve checked out a lot of the options – and have definitely found a good deal, and the best work out here at 619 and decided to join the program! Everyone in the group is so committed to getting in shape, that it really pushes you to do your best. My favorite part are the workouts by the bay; who doesn’t love any excuse to get outside??

Dale B.

After 7 months, starting at around 315lbs, dropping to 248, then getting pneumonia I had learned internal will power to get back on the right track, even when I was sick. I climbed Cowles Mountain on a cool misty Saturday morning around 7am and loved the heck out of it. Chris keith changes it up and there is no old routine in this camp. I look forward each and every time everyday to go in and do my best, no matter how I am feeling, stressed out, hungry, tired, it’s when you walk in you have this immense burst of energy that is like no other. I highly recommend anyone who want’s to get in shape mentally and physically, this is the place. Man I can’t wait until tomorrow morning. Heading to the “stairs” downtown at the convention center. Time for some pain baby!


619 is a tough. Your body gets pushed to its limits, and then beyond. You will hurt for a couple of days, and every time you walk into the class you will think this man is crazy when he tells you to do “too many” wall balls followed by tire jumps. But if you are looking for results and real change, this is the way to do it. As an ex-athlete, I fell out of shape quickly. I would run and lift weights, but I never really mixed it up. My body got used to it, and I became very unhappy with the way I looked. After this first week, I feel as if I am exercising again. I know every time I got into class, I won’t be doing the same old exercise. I know I also will be with other people who are there to change their bodies as well.

My first week was tough. I hurt really bad, but I kept going back. It got harder and harder and then easier. At the end of the week, I didn’t dread doing tire jumps (even though I am not looking forward to pull-ups or push-ups!). I will admit, there were times during that week where I would try to take the easy road… and he noticed. Yes, he will “yell” and tell you to pick up heavier weights and this is NOT to embarrass you. (He had me pick up a heavier weight, and surprise, surprise I could do it. I tried to go up more after that, but I realized it was too heavy, and went back down…. I didn’t hear any “yelling” then) Also, first day of class I informed him of a previous ankle break I had, and first thing he did was show me how to modify my tire jumps so I didn’t aggravate the injury, and during our first 1 on 1, he showed me how to properly stretch my body to prevent further injury.

There are a lot of negative reviews, and my only comment to those people is that this class wasn’t for you and therefore it is not necessary to abuse someone’s business because you couldn’t tough it out. You will not like the way he treats you sometimes, but that is because he doesn’t want people there that are going to waste his time, and his clients time. Personally, I don’t want you there either if I will have to wait to use a squat bar because you are too busy checking yourself out in the mirror… And no, I am not Chris posing as another person (that would be quite impressive though if he did go around creating all those different e-mail addresses and profile pictures…) I am an everyday student who needs someone to whip her butt into shape.

So if you are like me and need that extra kick in your butt, that extra voice in your head, and that extra piece of motivation to get the healthy lifestyle you want, then join this bootcamp!

Cara H.

I met Chris Keith at a Bridal Bizarre, and was called the next day by him personally. I had won a free 12 week session of Bootcamp 619. I was thrilled. Since I moved to San Diego seven years ago to start college, I had lost my love for fitness. In high school I was actively involved in cross country and track and field; however, when I moved to San Diego I could never find a niche where I felt like I belonged.

Once I started Bootcamp 619, I knew my life was changed for the better. His athletic work outs and kick in the pants motivational techniques is what I needed to care about my fitness goals. He is tough because he cares. I feel like people always take his yelling personally (and I have a few times), but it never is personal. He just wants to keep the work out moving. In life, when one person does something, people follow. As a teacher, I have seen it many times with my students. When one student talks, others follow.

Since joining Bootcamp 619, I have ran 2 half marathons, a full marathon, many 5K’s and 10K’s. I feel confident in my self, and in clothes again. I feel like I care about my fitness again, and I found my niche. One of the other benefits of Bootcamp 619 is the group of people. I love the friends I have made. It truly embodies group fitness.

Another thing I want to stress is that in Bootcamp 619 the group is a team and Chris is the coach. He wants to make sure his team works hard for the win, and that win is fitness! I am happy at Bootcamp 619, and it has changed my life!

Charman S.

I have been working with Chris Keith since March of 2008. His encouragement and work out program helped me lose 40lbs within eight months. I stopped working out with Chris about April of 2009 because work became too busy and immediately gained back the weight. In March 2010, I went back to Chris and he helped me lose not only the 40 pounds AGAIN, but also an additional 10 pounds in only four months!!

His workouts are hard, period! His meal plans are hard, period! One of my favorite sayings of his is, “the first three letters of diet are “die”- it is not supposed to be easy if you want results.

At 42, I am in the best shape of my life since I was 25 years old because I met Chris Keith. I just finished my first triathlon because he encouraged me to get out of my workout comfort zone and I will be doing my second within the next 6 months.

You will not be treated like a prince or princess at his workouts. It is called BOOTCAMP and since Chris was in the Navy he models his classes after actual BOOTCAMP philosophies!

The class and Chris can be intimidating, no question! it’s hard! But, if you give the class and Chris a true effort you will fall in love with it and him!

The bottom line is that if you listen to Chris and do what he says you will lose weight, you will gain muscle, you will achieve your goals and you too will be glad that you met him!

Give it a shot!

Heather S.

Chris Keith’s workouts are the best thing to do if you honestly want to get in shape. The workouts are not typical, and are very hard. I was sore for longer than I thought was possible. But if you stick with the program, you will end up doing things you didn’t think you could.

From the day I started I have been challenged not only to be in better shape physically, but mentally as well. I have always thought of myself as an athlete, but fell out of a fitness routine years ago. Even when I was in (what I thought was) good shape, I would not be able to do what I am doing now. If you are truly committed to this program and getting results, this program will give them to you, quickly, if you put in the effort. It’s not easy, but getting in shape isn’t either (as I am finding out). It is a constant challenge, but that is actually what I love about it.

It’s also very motivating and encouraging to see the same committed people attend almost every single workout, rain or shine, all with a positive attitude. That alone is truly a testament to the quality of the program.

Turko A.

Chris is not only a great guy but a great trainer. It was not just about lifting weights but about knowing what i needed to become stronger, faster, and build more muscle at the same time. He also taught me how to eat better so that I can accomplish my goal.

Mary A.

YES !!!!
THE BEST !!!!!
Joining Bootcamp 619 was one of THE BEST decisions I ever made in my LIFE. I got to work out like I never have before. I learned the meaning of Commitment. Bootcamp 619 showed me I had strength that I never new existed. I was lifting Enormous truck driver tires and lifting weights properly that I did not think I could do before. I was not making my body bigger but smaller and slimmer. Chris Keith new exactly what weight I was suppose to be lifting to give me the results I needed. I was given a Nutritional guide to follow as part of the program. I was in the program for a total of 5 months but my body transformed itself in less than 3 months. I learned how to work out properly and eat healthier. I come from a long line a diabetes in my family, I have done all kinds of type of work outs from the gym, kickboxing, martial arts, PX-90, pills, shakes, swimming, you name it I know I have tried it & have done all kinds of diets in the past. But this program beat all other things hands down! not only does it make you look amazing and feel amazing after, it shows you how to eat and work out so that you can do it for the rest of your life. And now I know that with the knowledge I gained from bootcamp 619 it has changed my health for the long run and my family’s health because I plan to encourage my family to always try and eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Yes Chris Keith is a bit tough on you sometimes but I know that it is because he believes you are capable of doing more that you yourself can imagine. He is there to help you lose weight, be healthy and be confident, He is not there to be your best friend, he is there to change your mind and Body! It is an amazing program. If I did not move to Los Angeles Ca. I would be back in San Diego with the rest of my fellow Bootcampers running up that Mountain and doing those push ups right there next to them every morning and every afternoon. Bootcamp619 changed my life for the better. It gave me confidence and it made me stronger and leaner and it made me see that I was tougher than I thought.
Strangers who I did not even know told me I looked very fit and healthy, I was getting compliments all over the place, it was an amazing feeling. I was not so tired all the time, I felt like I had so much energy. If you can do bootcamp619 and stay on it, you will feel like you can take over the world. The work outs change all the time, After a while you will see that you will never get bored and working out will become easier and more fun!

I am 5’1 but now I know I am one tough chick! Bootcamp619 rocks! and who ever does not think so just does have what it takes!

Bootcamp619 is amazing Program, and amazing experience and Coach Chris Keith and amazing man.
Thank you Coach for amazing opportunity and letting me stay to experience it completely. I could go on and on about Bootcamp619, want to even write a book about it- make a film- take pictures! I love love love love Bootcamp619. I wish Coach Chris Keith made the program on a CD already! I would be blasting that at 5AM! Having Coach Chris Keith yelling on it- so that I could get my Behind out of bed during those tough days and get to working out! to some Hip hop music. : ) witch ever he preferred of course.
The results were real!

Join! Start! change you Health, your Body, your mind, change your Life

Carrie J.

The truth is when I started working out with Chris Keith I was a size 8, weighed 146 lbs, and had 33% body fat. Currently I’m a size 2, weigh 129 lbs and have 22.5% body fat. I’m the only person who can take credit for accomplishing these goals but without the motivation of Chris Keith and his passion for health and well being I would not be where I’m at today.

Every single person is entitled to their own opinion. We have rights to that in this country; it’s the law. But these are the facts. You can take it or leave it. But if you want to accomplish your fitness goals, have a rock solid body, and feel great about yourself. Call Chris Keith!! He will not give up on you until you achieve what you came for

Marissa P.

Chris Keith is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He pushes you to be your best and he inspires you along the way to make you believe that you are the very best that you can be.

I joined Bootcamp 619 for a very short time, but it was for 1 very specific purpose. Chris asked us what our goals were and when I told him mine, he helped get me there. Thanks to him, I finally reached a goal that I had been trying to reach for almost a decade.

Bootcamp619 is supportive and inspirational. I’ll never forget when Chris and everyone else formed a circle around me after the workout to wish me good luck. Pats on the back, prayers and tons of encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.

Bootcamp619 isn’t just a fitness program. It’s a lifestyle program. In all of the exercise classes, sports, and other activities that I have been involved in, I had never been challenged to run so much in my life. I always thought I hated running – that it wasn’t for me. Chris challenged us to run a mile or 2 on our first day… and that was just the warm up!

For the first time, I saw running as something I could conquer, instead of it conquering me. Guys and girls, of all ages, conquered workout after workout – together. What the guys could do, the girls could also do. Sometimes even better and faster. There isn’t any serious competition at Bootcamp 619; just members challenging each other to achieve more, do more, be more… If you want to be the best version of yourself – mentally, physically and spiritually – then believe in Chris Keith’s program and start believing in yourself. He can and he will get you to where you want to be. It’s not just a team – and it’s not just a business… it’s a family.

Now that I reached my personal goal, I have not been able to make it to Bootcamp619 every day, although I truly do miss it. But you can count on Chris to keep in touch with you long after the program. He believes in his members… and that’s a program worth joining.


Bootcamp619 with Chris Keith has been one the best decisions that I have made for myself in a long time. I found Bootcamp619 thru a LivingSocial Deal and it’s been money well spent. I have even got my old lady involved…Thanks Chris!

With a full gym, Chris is very fluid amongst everyone–directing, correcting, spotting and giving words of encouragement the whole time…dunno how he does it! When you least expect it, Chris is watching you and will correct you, even if you are across the gym…so Chris keeps you on your toes, which sometimes might lead into group discussions and training…the 7ft Olympic bars are 45lbs…the 5 ft bench bars are 30lbs!

Yea, I have gotten the proverbial yelling at/talking to, but hey I am an adult and sometimes I still need to be put in my place and don’t take offense to it; I actually like it and makes me more aware and shows that Chris cares about what he is doing…he is living proof of his dedication and knows what he is doing…I sure don’t, that’s why I continued my membership!

The other Bootcampers are GREAT too, they are always willing to help you out when needed and often give words of encouragement while spotting you, or keeping you running up hill.

Since joining at the end of August 2010, I have participated in The MCRD Bootcamp Challenge 2010 and have plans to join more events to where in the past I have just thought about it. Also, I have ran/walked up Cowles Mountain…again always just thought about it and now have more motivation!

If you are at all considering a Bootcamp or gym, I’d suggest Bootcamp619 and at least check it out…it will be the most challenging and rewarding decision you’ll ever make! You don’t have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself!!

John A.

I’ve trained with Chris for nine years, and recommend him to any of my friends who are looking to get in shape. It isn’t often you find someone who is passionate about what they do, but Chris is one of those people. Not just about being fit himself, but helping others reach, maintain or even surpass their goals. He’s always reading up on latest techniques, and interested in anything related to the world of fitness. If he sees someone using equipment in a way that is less effective or even unsafe, he’ll take the time to show you how to do it right. I’d say the main thing he demands from you is to be dedicated. Like any good drill sergeant, he is not a babysitter, but if you are truly present, willing to listen, and commit to your goals, he’s got your back.

I used to run half marathons and he’s helping me get back on track for San Dieguito (Woohoo!)

Tracy J.

I had a really great experience with Chris. He was very personable and professional. He really pushes people to work out because he seems to really care about our health and results. I would recommend him to anyone I knew that was serious about losing weight.
The advice he gave was sound and fit my plans, and the nutrition advise he gave was thorough. He provided an extensive list of foods to eat and different ways to combine them to make meals enjoyable while you were eating healthy and losing weight.

Kelly J.

I love this bootcamp! I’ve been a member for about a year and a half and I am still seeing results. My core is so much stronger and my muscles are constantly being challenged each and every time.

Chris always switches up the routine so it’s never boring and each workout builds onto the next and works out your entire body.

Great workout, great routines, GREAT TRAINER! If you are interested in an awesome workout and want to see results – give this a try.

If you want a half ass workout – this isn’t the place. As long as you are always pushing yourself, keep your personal feelings out of the gym and listen to what Chris tells you (remember you are paying him to teach you), you will succeed in this program.

You get what you put into it, just like everything else in life.

Kim P.

I really loved working out with Chris. He is professional, knowledgeable and fun.
He really taught me that I need to commit myself to the idea of getting in shape and losing weight before I effectively improve and keep the weight off.

Richard B.

Working out with Chris has been a great experience. Not only was I able to get in shape with him, I was motivated to completely change my lifestyle as it relates to health and fitness.
I have learned different techniques and methods of exercise that help me enjoy and get great results in the gym, but also get out and really enjoy being a fit and healthy person. I started out with gym workouts, but am now into running and swimming, among other activities. I am planning my first triathlon at age 38.
Chris helped me learn about eating habits that benefit my body.
Not only is Chris knowledgeable in his field, but I really enjoy working with him. He is tough but fair. I not only enjoy having him as my trainer, but he is very personable and professional. If you aren’t really serious about working out and getting in shape, he is going to push you – so be ready!
I would recommend him to anyone who is really serious about getting in shape.

Sarah V.

I started going to bootcamp619 after buying a 5-week special through http://LivingSocial.com. I thought I would mix-up my workout for a few weeks, then go back to my solo running/yoga/gym schedule. Little did I know…

After 5 weeks of Bootcamp619, I saw better results than after 2 years of working out on my own. I am stronger than I’ve every been. My cardio endurance is better than ever. My posture has improved. Stress is down, and quality of sleep is up. (Also, the compliments on my arms haven’t gotten old!) At the end of the 5 weeks, I couldn’t walk away. I have cancelled my membership to 24-hour and signed up for a year with Chris’s gym.

Chris is obviously well-studied on the subject of fitness and nutrition. Not only will he push you physically, but he’ll spend a good deal of time explaining proper technique – both to prevent injury and to increase your weights.

Oh! And the Convention Center stair workouts are ridiculous (in a good way)!

And a word to the wise: DO NOT BRING A PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE (even the re-usable kind) unless you want to bring out the unpleasant drill sergeant. He seriously is not joking about that rule!

Alex P.

I give 619 San Diego Personal Training a 5 star. For me, it’s the best price and value and I put in my rotation of intense workouts: trail running, ocean swimming, conventional lifting, and training for overall fitness and body goals. Sometimes I’ll go everyday for a couple weeks, focus on other things for another weeks, and then come back for another session. I’m pretty athletic and I can jump right in. For beginners to the program, Chris will give you everything you need to be successful at the program: how to do the exercises, motivation, nutrition, and the equipment. However, make sure you do your part, put out, read the material Chris provides. Once the workout begins, there’s just not that much room for humor or lethargy. It’s a supportive environment and everyone is friendly, but they are also pretty focused.

Rhian N.

4 years ago I was in the best shape of my life. Since then I got married, had 2 children, major surgery and life happened. I ended up putting on an extra 25 lbs. I had all the reasons in the world why I couldn’t exercise. …husband, kids, work, school, but I finally decided I needed to make a change.

I signed up for BootCamp 619 through a LivingSocial deal and thought that I would do it for a few weeks and it would motivate me enough to start going to the gym on my own. Well, I can tell you, there is no way I would ever get a work out like this working out at the gym on my own. I had personal trainers at 24hour and even those workouts weren’t as serious as these. His workouts are super intense and challenging, but by the end I feel great and am so happy that I was able to do it all. I’ve been going for a couple months now and can’t imagine stopping anytime soon.

Chris is super dedicated to his clients and is very passionate about what he is doing. Yes he is tough, but you listen to what he says and you will see results, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It’s obvious that he does his research and knows his stuff.

If you’re ready to make a change, sign up for BootCamp 619 and get ready for some serious working out!

Vanessa B.

Bootcamp 619 is as good as it gets. Everyday, I go in and the work out is completely different. After getting to Bootcamp and working with Chris Keith, I feel empowered, strong, and ready for anything.

My fellow Bootcampers are amazing. I am blessed to have such an amazing group of people to work out with everyday. We support one another in our goals and have a great time sweating it out together. (And Boy, do we sweat!)

Before Bootcamp 619, I would have never thought I could finish a 10K. After working with Chris Keith and my fellow Bootcampers, I have completed three half marathons and a full marathon this year. In fact, I crossed the marathon finish line with one of my fellow Bootcampers. I could not have done it without you Cara. Additionally, I have dropped over 20 pounds. When I started bootcamp I was a size 12 and now I am a size 6.

Even when I was injured, I would get motivational calls and texts from Chris and our group. The workout is tough, but that is what you pay for. Chris Keith’s system burns fat, builds muscle, and helps bootcampers develop a healthy nutrition regime. Furthermore, Chris focuses on stretching to increase flexibility and reduce injury. You can’t get a better deal with a better group of people.

As for Chris Keith, he has dedicated his life to fitness and it shows. His discpline and passion are simply contagious. His level of dedication to the health and fitness of his personal trainees and his bootcampers is unprecedented. Chris Keith has high expectations, but it is because he comes in everyday and gives it everything he has got.

Over the past two years, Chris has motivated me time and time again to push just a little bit harder. Due to his inspiration and the companionship of my fellow bootcampers, I have surpassed goals I would never have dreamed of before entering Bootcamp 619.

Oh, and it is one hell of a workout.

John M.

Chris Keith is one of the most dedicated and hardworking trainers there is. He completely committed that everyone feel like they are apart of the group and support one another. He is a strong leader and great friend. I started out as an out of shape smoker. Chris Keith molded me into an athletic and dedicated individual. Before this program i had no energy or drive. Now, with his high energy and group oriented work outs, I have support and energy to perform in my everyday life like never before. I lost 30 pounds, ran my first half marathon, and learned the complicated techniques of weightlifting. This is the best program in San Diego.

David J.

When you’re serious about your heath and body inside and out then Chris Keith is your trainer. I did lots of research before picking a knowledgeable and qualified trainer. I knew it would be a big change for me being I hadn’t worked out in years much less become a runner, but thru training with Chris Keith little did I know it would be life changing. A needed change I couldn’t do on my own. I’ve learned so much from Chris and in the process lost just over 40 lbs and met my goal of being fit even at 55yrs of age. I feel like I’m in my 30’s. I even began running which is something I’d never do and got up to 91/2 miles non-stop! Wow, me?! Yes me and you can too. This man too has a wonderful heart and truly cares about you and your well being. I can’t recommend Chris Keith enough.

Wil S.

Bootcamp 619 and Chris’ entire program is really more of a training program then just a workout. If you are looking to just workout and “put in your time at the gym” this is not the program for you. This program is designed to help you achieve a level of fitness and well being that perhaps you have been lacking in for some time.

Chris Keith address’s all of the aspects of fitness. From practical diet guidance to your level of weekly activity. Helping you to log and track each of these areas, it is difficult sometimes you wonder why you are doing all this…however, the training that you receive from CK is excellent and there is no one that encourages you more or pushes you harder then CK. He is your biggest support and your worst critic. He does not hide his feelings, he does not try to be false and phoney….he is real and he is practical. He always is there to encourage and push you to be better. He is professional, courteous, and vigilant.

CK and his workout program is perhaps the very best thing I have done for my own fitness goals and training. You will be sore, it will challenge you and most of all it will help you discover what you are really capable of doing! It is really all about being an authentic person, one who is feeling good in spirit and body. CK is able to incorporate core values to 619 San Diego Personal Training as well, which helps not only with your own well being but with the whole group dynamic. You can make some new friends and really help out others in a way that is rewarding to you and them!

This is a great program and I recommend it to many of my co-workers and associates. It is a way of going from being bored with your fitness routine and gaining a new life-style filled with physical and mental rewards!

Terrence M.

I always look forward to the ever changing and amazingly intense workouts i get at bootcamp 619, the straight forward approach ,with proper technique, chris gives all his members is something i really appreciate, no wasting time, just results and a sense of accomplishment after every session.


I first learned about BOOTCAMP 619 after noticing a few of my coworkers were losing significant weight week after week. They raved about the workouts and Chris Keith’s training methods but I was someone who hated working out and would avoid it any cost, so I was skeptical. Within the first month I lost weight, increased muscle mass and definition – I continue to increase my stamina and agility every week. Chris Keith will definitely demand your best in order for you to get the best results. The workouts are grueling, but well worth every moment. It’s definitely addicting and your body will start to crave the challenging workouts. Not to mention, all the members are friendly and supportive which helps when you’re new and feel like you are about to pass out or throw up. I would recommend BOOTCAMP 619 to anyone who is ready to push themselves to the max and won’t worry about being so sore you feel like your limbs are about to fall off your body LOL!

Kathy H.

I had the opportunity to join Bootcamp 619 when there was a deal with Groupon. I figured what the heck, let’s give it a try. I’m always up for a challenge, but I wasn’t expecting to feel like the contestants on the Biggest Loser! Before visiting Bootcamp 619, I was a runner and did some cardio classes. I’ve also had some personal training sessions as well. Nothing will ever compare to the experience that I’ve had with this group and with Chris Keith. Like others have said, Chris is not there to be your best friend or to waste your work out time by chatting with you. When I first met Chris, I thought he just liked to yell and be tough on us, but there’s a reason for the toughness- Chris wants us to achieve our optimal goal of being healthy and staying fit. It’s not just about losing weight, this training that we get is something that will last a lifetime. Chris is not like other trainers and I’ve only been coming some March but I feel much stronger. In July, I ran the San Francisco Marathon and who would of thought to PR in this type of marathon? Chris knew that I could- and I did.

Chris believes in you if you believe in yourself. If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand and walk you every step of the way, then Bootcamp 619 is definitely not for you. If you’re looking for a trainer that sweet talks you and makes the workout easy so you can feel good about yourself, then I’m sure there’s a Curves nearby.

If you’re up for a challenge and have fitness goals, Chris will make sure you accomplish them. Chris knows that I’m capable of more and that’s why he pushes us past our comfort zone. All that he asks from us is dedication and determination.

Peter S.

Bootcamp 619 with Chris Keith has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. You will be sore… you will be tired,,, But if you stick with it you will never look back with regret! It has made me stronger and more confident than I ever have been before. The workouts are intense and always a challenge. Since I have been in bootcamp, I’ve never been bored or thought I wasn’t being pushed to my limit. Chris sets a high standard and takes his job very seriously and he expects no less from us. I for one appreciate the fact that he doesn’t waist my time by babysitting people who are not taking the program seriously. Chris will push you past your thoughts of ” I can’t “. He will not waste his time with people who are not committed. If you want or need someone who won’t let you make excuses, Chris is for you.

Justin M.

I joined Chris’ BOOTCAMP workout after observing several training sessions from afar, I am already in good shape as I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai regularly. I supplemented my training with the BOOTCAMP to improve my strength and conditioning for an upcoming tournament. I was very pleased with Chris’ knowledge and training environment. Chris was an extraordinary motivator and his workout left me absolutely spent. This class is not for the meek of heart or 24 hour fitness rejects. Chris will work you and push you to the edge. My strength and endurance increased significantly, and I would recommend this BOOTCAMP whole hearted to anyone interested in obtaining their fitness goals, be it competitive or casual.

Mike B.

Absolutely the best workouts ever. Best investment in a long time. Chris is knowledgable, firm and direct. Does not waste your time socializing. A pure workout from start to finish.


I joined this workout program after hearing glowing reviews from my husband and seeing the results he got from it. I had a 4 month old baby at the time, and hadn’t worked out since I was about 7 months pregnant. I felt like I was going to die for the first week, and the workouts are always killer, but that’s why you get great results. You push yourself past what you think your limits are, and that’s a great feeling. If you are going to half-ass it then this is definitely not for you and Chris will let you know that. He demands that you change your lifestyle, not just your workout program.

I have been in Bootcamp 619 for about 7 weeks now, and every week I am challenging my body in new ways and have noticed a tremendous increase in my stamina and strength. I have already dropped 4 jean sizes since starting this program.

I absolutely hate running, but last week I ran 5 miles for the first time and the only reason I was able to do that was because of this program. If you are just looking to lose weight, this is not the program for you. If you want to change your lifestyle, feel like part of a team, and push yourself past your limits, this is the way to do it. My goal is to do a 5k next month and complete a 10k in 2011, and I know that I can do it with the help of Bootcamp 619.

Eric B.

I overheard some folks discussing Bootcamp 619 and specifically Chris Keith and as a former client I felt obligated to speak on their discussion. Bluntly, after hearing some of their discussion, I told them they had joined the wrong program. I explained that I signed up for sessions back in Jan of this year with Chris Keith and this was only after observing his work while my kids did ju jitsu next door. For the record, I am not there any longer ONLY because my job constantly and frequently took me out of the country.

As a former athlete, I smelled the effort and the attitude I needed to have to be in great physical condition…. His dogs let me know as much… “we don’t play games in here” looks from Kobe and Shaq. ….What sealed the deal for me was Chris’ focus on mental and behavior work out as well. Chris was cool, Chris was straightforward….very professional. This was the way he treated me, the way he treated the many different clients finishing up before my sessions and coming in after my sessions. Their words of encouragement, about commitment, and not giving up where the reasons why I was there. I knew I came to the right place.

There are literally hundreds of gyms and trainers in San Diego, they are springing up daily. If you want to be greeted with hugs and positive reinforcement about why you are the way you are and how its ok you eat how you do then certainly they are out there for you. Pick up the phonebook or Facebook if you prefer. As I look to resettle in San Diego, I for one will be back to 619 San Diego Personal Training……best thing going if you are gonna pay money for a trainer(except for that darn stairclimber…. aargh)… ERIC B.

Jenn S.

I highly recommend 619 San Diego Personal Training to anyone who is serious about getting in shape and wants to be held accountable for their diet and exercise activity. Chris runs a great business and is an excellent trainer. I can honestly say that the workouts I have been to are the best I have ever had. Chris pushes you to go WAY BEYOND what you think you are capable of and will not accept “I can’t” from anyone. My consistency in going needs to improve and I fully expect to get yelled at next time I go for not coming regularly. 🙂 Anyone who can’t take being called out on their lack of commitment probably shouldn’t join. Chris takes his program seriously and really doesn’t want people who are half-assed in his program so don’t bother going if you are not fully committed to changing your lifestyle. The committed people in his program show amazing results so I would ignore any bad feedback on yelp and go off of what people who have been training with Chris long term have to say. This program is for people who want to be challenged mentally and physically and be provided with the exercise and tools that will guarantee success.


After a lifetime of fluctuating between weight gain and loss using pills, dieting, and all gimmicks, I finally realized that I was overweight and I needed to do something about it, all natural and the old-fashioned way. Armed with a glowing referral from an old friend, I walked through the chain-link fence of 619 San Diego Personal Training one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My first day, and the first month, I thought I was going to drop dead after 10 minutes of working out. Guess what, I didn’t. I survived, I kept going back, and I learned to enjoy it. As a beginner, I couldn’t even jog to the stoplight half a block away from the gym. Now, I have completed 2 half-marathons, and I have plans for 5 in 2011. I never though I would be able to jump two tractor tires, throw a weight ball, do pull ups, deadlifts, squats, rows, sprints, bear crawls, stairs, sprint, etc or last an hour doing a combination of the exercise listed. But I do. Sure, I still feel like I am going to drop dead sometimes, but mostly, I feel invigorated and ready to take on the next challenge.

Chris Keith runs an excellent fitness program. He is there to be your trainer, not your best friend. He is there to push you to be the best and achieve fitness goals you never though possible. Sure, he may yell, he may have a day where he picks on you, but he does it because he believes you can do better. Chris will be the first one to congratulate you when you achieve a goal, or master an exercise. I am still working on achieving my major weight loss goal (I’m halfway there), but I have achieved many other goals since I started. Chris has helped me set up smaller goals for myself, so I always feel like I achieve something. I look forward to seeing what I goal I can do next time. I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight.

619 San Diego Personal Training is not for the weak, it is not for sensitive, it is not for those that lack commitment, and it is not for everyone. 619 San Diego Personal Training is a change in lifestyle. You need to be ready to workout, change your eating habits, and be at your personal best every workout.

I highly recommend 619 San Diego Personal Training for those ready to become active and change their lives.

Diane T.

This is one of the best fitness programs I have ever experienced and the best thing I ever did for myself. Chris will teach you the fundamentals of the program, but it’s up to you to do them. You have to take the personal responsibility to get it done. I really enjoy the intense, challenging work-outs. Chris is very motivating and strives to build a “team” like atmosphere.
Chris has been in this business for 15+ years and to see someone still so passionate about what he does is very refreshing! He has high standards for himself and for his business. He expects you to give your best so be prepared when you walk in the door.
This is a fitness program not just a place to work out. If you want results then you have to do all the componets of the program. Chris will hold you accountable. This is a hardcore program and is not for everyone. This is Bootcamp!!! and he runs it like one. Thats one of the things I like about this program.

Chris H.

I received the best workouts ever from Chris Keith at 619 San Diego Personal Training. The workouts are designed for all levels and all ages. Chris takes the time to adjust your workout to fit your fitness level or to account for injuries. There is nice variety in the routines and the gym equipment is the best I have seen. I would recommend anyone interest try a session 🙂

Alex P.

619 San Diego Personal Training is just about the best workout in San Diego. I’ve been going to workout with Chris for about a year and a half now and my entire life has changed. I’m more conscious about what I eat and how I exercise and know much more about how to take care of my body. Chris is really good at teaching you proper technique and has a very motivating personality. He got me to train for and run 5 half marathons this year and was very encouraging all year long.

The classes are intense but that’s what you sign up for. Anyone that wants to be in a tame class should sign up for jazzercise at the YMCA. It takes dedication and focus and if you have the right personality for it, you’ll get so much out of the program. If you are lazy at heart it’s not for you. But if you want to change every aspect of the way you live your life come check it out. Chris will not disappoint! I’ve greatly valued being in this program and am a new man!

Sean D.

Chris Keith has been the #1 personal trainer in the San Diego area since 2001. This guy has been doing boot camps before boot camps were popular. If you want to burn fat and get in the best shape of your life, Chris Keith is your guy! Do yourself a favor and see for yourself!

Courtney K.

Bootcamp 619 was the best thing I ever did for myself. I have always been an active person, but had a difficult time motivating myself to get to the gym and when I got there, didn’t really know what I was doing so did not work out effectively. I was looking for a way to take my body and my fitness level to the next level and was lucky enough to get a great deal on Groupon for Bootcamp 619 five months ago and have been a happy student ever since.

Chris Keith creates a motivating team mentality in his Bootcamp 619 classes and the health of the group really does depend on each member’s dedication and enthusiasm. Thus, Bootcamp 619 is not for the people looking for an easy way to six pack abs, it is for people who are ready to make a change in their lives toward a healthier more active lifestyle which in turn gets them to their fitness goals and will be dedicated to this change.

Chris is one of the most knowledgeable personal trainers in San Diego. With each work out he teaches, he also explains which muscles are being strengthened and how those muscle groups affect your body and your health. Chris doesn’t just throw a diet plan at his students and tell them to follow it, he teaches us why the foods that are on that list are good for us and requires his students to research the nutritional value of foods which ultimately leads to a desire to avoid the bad foods. Just following a diet plan makes a person feel like they are missing out on foods they love, when you have the knowledge to back up the diet, it suddenly doesn’t seem like missing out.

As several other people have said, Chris isn’t much in the way of sugar and spice, but if that is what you are looking for, why are you looking for a Bootcamp… aren’t Bootcamps supposed to be likened after the military? I highly doubt our men and women serving for us get their hands held every day. That isn’t to say that Chris stands around yelling all day long, because he doesn’t. Chris’ yells are more often than not happy and motivating “Let’s Go” or “yeaaahs”… but don’t make him mad, because he’s not afraid to put you in your place. If you aren’t putting in your all, he’ll let you know that he isn’t happy. Not everyone can handle that and that’s fine, I’m sure there is a jazersize somewhere you can take.

If you have the drive and the ambition, this is the place for you. I’ve made some good friends, have the best trainer in San Diego, am in the best shape of my life and I look forward to going to Bootcamp 619 every day. I even just signed up for my first half marathon!! Never thought I’d even consider it. Bootcamp 619 is not a fitness class, it is a lifestyle change.

Ken O.

Look, Chris Keith’s soft people skills are a work in progress, BUT he cares very much about the client and their health and progress. So much that yes there are some basic rules he asks everyone to follow but its not ridiculuos. Yeah, he is not very tolerant of people who won’t try or are not motivated, but even if you can’t do everything, hell, even if you can’t do most of the workout he is still there to motivate and help you with some alternate exercises to get you going if you are there to try and he always emphasises your health and safety first. I’ve been in and out of his workouts for three years and after working out for over 20 years this is the only workout I see any results from. I lost 60 pounds in five months and it was because I followed his program to a tee. I have seen a lot of people quit after a month, a week and even a day but the common denominator was lack of focus or lack of motivation. Its understandable this workout isn’t for everyone, but griping about it and blaming the trainer is lame. There are a lot of trainers that will watch you do crunches and listen about your day. BOOTCAMP is not that kind of workout. Chris will yell to motivate you, get PO’d when you slack and above all he’ll let you know about it. I have no issue giving this guy my money and telling others to do the same if they are truly looking for results.

Caleb C.

Bootcamp 619 is an amazing workout program. Like any workout, though, you’ll get out of it according to what you’re willing to put into it. If you want to go at your own pace, relax, have fun and be social this is not the workout for you. Chris Keith expects and even demands that students push themselves to the limit. The class requires diligence, hard work, and willingness to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. Chris will help you do that, but only if you’re willing. He’s not going to waste his time with someone who is doing everything half-assed. As someone who is willing to put everything into getting into better shape I really appreciate that.

A lot of the negative reviews fault Chris for his yelling, meanness, supposed anger issues or the like. The class is called BOOTCAMP, you’re going to get yelled at and pushed to your limit. If that’s not for you, don’t attend. However, Chris also makes a point of keeping a positive atmosphere during the class and uses a lot of positive reinforcement to keep students motivated.

If you’re really serious about getting into shape, or getting into better shape and can follow a few simple (and useful) rules this class is for you. If you’re looking for a trainer who turns a blind eye to your slacking, look elsewhere.

Rusanne A.

This is a BOOTCAMP workout, hence the name. I’ve looked around town and compare to other “bootcamps” this one is well attended by SERIOUS individuals who want a SERIOUS workout. This is not social hour, and don’t expect to be catered to. However, expect a coach who will teach you proper nutrition, proper technique and motivation to take your workout to the next level.
For those who wrote negative reviews cause you thought he was a “jerk”…I would venture to say, you simply got your little feelings hurt. As a 20 year active duty veteran (I’m female), I would say for those of you who couldn’t cut it with Bootcamp619…don’t go visiting your local recruiter…you wouldn’t cut it in the military either.

Meredith S.

Five stars all the way!! A coworker recommended that I sign up for Chris Keith’s bootcamp during a promotional sale on the http://GroupOn.com website, and the advice couldn’t have been better! If you want to get healthy and live life to the fullest, this is the trainer you want. If you put your mind the workouts and the food plan, you will succeed! It’s been just a few weeks and I’ve started to notice my body – more firm and tone. Get outside! Get active! Great program for anyone with the desire to change!

Myra B.

Hi my name is Myra and yes I drink the “koolaid” at Bootcamp 619 and I love whatever flavor is being served for the day. Initially, when I joined Bootcamp 619, after the first real workout, I thought to myself, “What have I gotten myself into”? But then I reminded myself, “its Bootcamp” what did you expect? Everyone begins at various levels. When I first started I couldn’t even do one pushup, all I could do is barely hold the position. Then one day my arms began to bend and my body started lowering with it. Needless to say I’ve been doing the program for close to a year, have lost 40lbs, lowered my BMI and cholesterol and I am in better shape than most who are more than half my age.
The program isn’t for everybody as Chris Keith (CK) has a no nonsense approach and is committed to see his clients maximize their fullest potential. On any given day, you’ll liable to hear some yelling or maybe even some profanity, but its boot camp people, not cheerleading camp. We not only workout at Bootcamp 619, but learn and utilize core values, i.e. commitment, teamwork, integrity, etc., which also carry over into your everyday life. If you are committed to getting in shape and don’t mind putting in the work to reach your goals…then you should join us. I’ve far exceeded my initial goal, to lose about 20lbs and keep it moving. Now I’m participating in 10k’s and working my way up to complete a half marathon.
Oh, and did I forget, I must look great because the daily compliments from friends, coworkers, relatives, are the icing on the cake and are an indication that the 619 San Diego Personal Training program works.

Jen E.

I joined 619 San Diego Personal Training a little over 3 months ago. Prior to joining I was running or doing spin class for an hour 5 days a week. I was hesitant to pay into another training program since I had just finished working with a trainer from a local gym trainer with minimal results, and felt like I in better shape working out alone. It took one workout for me to realize this program was going to kick my ass, and it has!!!! I have gone from a size 8-10 to a 4-6, and am on my way to completing my first half marathon!

Sure, the hardcore atmosphere at the gym takes a little adjusting to get used to. But if you are focused and determined you do fine. I am NOT a person to takes getting yelled at by anyone, but I quickly realized then when Chris yells it has a purpose. Whether it’s because you are putting yourself or other’s at risk by not being focused or because your wasting your money and everyone’s time by not working to your potential, Chris is going to hold you accountable. The underlying concept here is that Chris cares and is passionate about what he does.

There are several different programs designed around different personality types/outcomes…women’s only gyms, programs which work at a slower pace, wedding day ready trainers, independent trainers, spinning classes, pole dancing and so on. Among these of course is 619 San Diego Personal Training…if you respond to being pushed beyond your extreme, being held accountable, working with a team with the same values and you enjoy results, then 619 San Diego Personal Training is for you!!!!

For those who came and felt the group was also rude, there is always happy hour…that’s where people socialize. It’s 6:00 AM people, were are at 619 San Diego Personal Training to workout and get results! We have our fun and our jokes along the way, and I wouldn’t have had the same results without my team’s support! I came in hesitant as well, never having been of fan of working out in a group, but as soon as I completed a few work outs, I felt more comfortable, confident and supported by the team. The group is dynamic, newcomers are always welcome and come quite frequently since the regulars are always bringing their friends who have witnessed results!

THANKS CHRIS AND 619 San Diego Personal Training!

Roberto B.

Joining 619 San Diego Personal Training in March of 09 has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Since then I’ve lost 30 lbs and I’ve regained my athletic ability on the soccer field and improved my speed and endurance in triathlons. The workouts are intense and Chris is tough, but it’s nothing to cry about. If you are serious about getting in shape, Chris Keith and 619 San Diego Personal Training is for you!

Amanda R.

So far I LOVE my personal training sessions with Chris Keith! He has really helped me to get back on track with an active and all around healthy lifestyle. I have barely been working with him for a month and have already gone down a pant size. I love the fact that he holds you accountable for keeping on top of workouts and eating habits. Past trainers I have had haven’t done this and I wasn’t as successful with them. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for personal or group training!

Ryan P.

One of the best workouts I’ve had since college athletics! Chris does a great job working out the entire body and keeping your heart rate up from start to finish.

It’s not a great workout for the couch potato or even weekend worriers. Chris provides a great workout for those dedicated to making actual improvements.

Sarah R.

I am a fitness nut. I love to workout, but after I had my baby I was feeling a little fluffy. Not fat, just soft around the edges. My husband was noticing it too. So, I decided to seek out some help. That’s when a co-worker of mine told me about Chris Keith. I am so happy I met him. Not only did he help get me back into shape quickly, but now I have more energy to deal with my precious little one. My husband is noticing the difference too.

Lance J.

I was going through a period of low self esteem. My girlfriend dumped me and I wasn’t feeling great about myself. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw a slob. It wasn’t me. That’s when I decided to do something about it and turn my life around. I had heard about this boot camp over at Mission Bay and thought I would go check it out. I have to admit the first week kicked my butt, and truthfully I wasn’t sure I would go back, but I did… and I’ve lost the weight and kept it off. My confidence is way up!

Lisa T.

Chris is amazing! I was recently single again after many years.. I was sad and depressed and I could barely peel myself off the couch. A friend of mine told me I needed to get back into shape. That’s when I met Chris. He gave me a diet and exercise program that kick start me into the woman I am today. Now I am attracting the younger guys.

Jay S.

When I was younger I was a fat kid! I was pretty chunky all through high school. In college, I gained the freshman 15 and kept on gaining. Fast forward to today. I’m in my 30’s and overweight. That’s when I noticed an ad for bootcamp 619. It’s a great a workout, and it’s been my lifesaver.

Ed G.

I have learned more about diet and exercise in the last 6 months from 619 San Diego Personal Training and Chris Keith than I have my entire life. I was looking for something new to jumpstart my fitness and weight loss, but what I found was so much more. I am a former college and professional baseball player so I spent a lot of time in the gym in the past, but I was stuck in the same old routine and same old exercises. I have learned new excercises that work the major muscle groups plus I have learned about other exercises that work muscles I have never worked before. It has really energized my entire outlook on physical fitness. Plus, the pounds and inches I have lost doesn’t hurt either. Most importantly I learned about diet. One thing I never really thought too much about in the past.

LeeAnn R.

World Class Fitness and Nutritional Program!!!!!!!

If you are serious about getting in shape, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. BOOTCAMP 619 is the ONLY choice. You will workout hard 6 days a week. You will learn about the importance of the core areas of your body to focus on through stretching and how to eat healthy with everyday foods. AWESOME and BEST program I have ever participated in.

July 2012 Athlete of The Month

Here at 619 we are continuously striving every day to bring success to our members/athletes. We want to start something new to keep pushing to new heights. We feel it is important to recognize our members. Athlete of the month is someone who is a positive leader here at 619, someone who has great skill and motivates others.

Ruben is a great asset and team member to 619. He is dedicated and always on point with his form. He looks out for others in the gym helping them achieve PR’s and keeping their form inline as well. He is one of our strongest here at 619 and we are thankful to have him part of the box. His positive attitude sets a good example for morale in always striving for the top. He has exceeded his own goals and continues to succeed at whatever he puts his mind too. The biggest exercise to overcome was the ever so challenging muscle ups, and with dedication and continuous reinforcement, the challenge was met and now he successfully has overcome them. Ruben continues to add an average of 20lbs to the workouts every 5 to 6 months. We are privileged to have Ruben as a member here at 619 and we congratulate him on his well-deserved ATHLETE OF THE MONTH!

How did you get involved in 619 San Diego Personal Training?
I was looking to get on a meal plan and was referred to Chris Keith. Chris is very well known in the San Diego community and after meeting with him to start a meal plan he also encouraged me. Here I am 16 months later and am totally hooked with 619 San Diego Personal Training.

What was your first WOD/experience?
I can’t remember specifics but one thing I can say is that I was humbled during the first few weeks of 619 San Diego Personal Training and timed WODs. I had been doing weight/strength training on my own and doing Bootcamps at other various locations but 619 San Diego Personal Training was on an entirely different level. Most of the men and women were kicking my ass with or without muscles!

When did you realize that 619 San Diego Personal Training was right for you?
As soon as I saw my triathlon performance take a great leap! I stopped triathon specific training and increased my strength training and stil saw faster results. Not to mention my clothes fit much better!!

What is your biggest accomplishment?
It is a tie! The day I was able to do a 370lb deadlift as well as when I was able to do muscle ups. I had never done a dead lift let alone a muscle up in my life before showing up to 619.

What is your favorite / least favorite WOD/movement?
My favorite move is the snatch as it is by far the most complex and coordinated move.
My least favorite are burpees (I know I am not alone on this one)

What do you do for a profession ?
I am an engineer; I work for CareFusion, a medical device company and am responsible for the manufacturing site for intravenous therapy pumps.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy participating in Sprint Triathlons, cooking new recipes and perfecting my “go-to” dishes, I find myself quite creative behind the bar and always coming up with creative cocktails.

Fun fact?
I won a local recipe contest in 2009 sponsored by San Diego Magazine. The contest was to come up with my own dish using Seafood and Plantains as the main ingredients. I was privileged to compete in a live throw down against two other contestants at Indigo Grill in Little Italy, a la Bobby Flay in the Food Network.

See what some of our very satisfied members have said:



Over the years I have been to just about every main-stream gym there is, and have tried their training programs. I have got to say, I never truly experienced a real work out until I met up with Chris Keith at Cross Fit 619! I first started in July of 2011, and have been there on a daily basis. I have great improvement in my strength and endurance, and I am in the greatest shape I have ever been in! I love going every day, it’s an excellent vibe working out with the crew. Thanks to Chris and all the trainers for all the great motivation, see you guys in the morning!!


619 San Diego Personal Training has such a positive atmosphere, and conduct all workouts with high intensity and positive encouragement. There seems to be a sense of unity and camaraderie between students in each workout. Chris and Ari and all the other coaches are very knowledgeable coaches. They do not push you over the limits that you feel that you can go. However they are there to positively encourage you and make sure that you do all workout correctly and know what you are doing and why you are doing it and how it will help you. Thank you Chris and Ari for amazing workouts and I am looking forward to growing and getting better, faster and stronger at 619 San Diego Personal Training.


Positive Atmosphere. Consistency. Motivation. Commitment.

We know that there are people out there who have had trouble in the past being consistent and staying
motivated, those are often our greatest success stories.  During the 619 San Diego Personal Training class workouts you will receive the added benefit of being surrounded by other positive, motivated, and like-minded individuals who have made a commitment to themselves and the program.







Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a beginner. Is Personal Training for me?

We realize that personal training can be a little intimidating for the beginner and want you to know that the program is designed for ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience, fitness level, and or physical limitations. We scale the amount of weight being used and intensity for all fitness levels; we do not change programs. You won’t have to lift weights beyond your level or perform movements beyond your skill set. Everybody starts somewhere and starting sooner is better than later.

Chris Keith’s 18 years of professional fitness training experience allows him and all the trainers that work under him the ability to work with people at all levels of fitness, even folks who have pre-existing injuries or physical limitations. At our gym we pride ourselves on working with people of all ability levels and making them better. Furthermore, our target population is not specific to age, gender, or fitness levels, so give it a shot. Instead we are welcoming anyone who is willing to put in time for themselves, be pro-active, work hard, and keep an open mind. Everything we do is evidence based on science, research, and what we know to work for every fitness level. 1 on 1 Personal Training is available to any and everyone from beginner to an elite level of fitness.

Are All Gyms The Same?

No! The professional experience of the trainers, welcoming friendly atmosphere, and universal scalability vary. All our gyms are individually owned and operated, we are not a franchise. Our value is based on our passion for quality training and programming and love of functional movements done with great technique and varying intensity levels.

What does this mean to you? You should check out the facilities, the coaches, and the classes.

Some gyms may omit Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and other modalities. Some programs are based on body weight only. The experience and skill level of coaches and trainers also vary. Are you just paying for someone to tell you what to do (definitely NOT the same as someone showing you what and how; and getting you to understand why)? Is there real coaching going on? Are you learning new skills and moving forward?

So again, we are all similar, but can be vastly different. Choose what fits you best and your goals. No matter what, I am glad you found 619 San Diego Personal Training. Done correctly, it is the BEST strength and conditioning programming around!

What are the costs?

The membership fees associated with the classes are dependent on the length of commitment. There are no membership, or monthly fees, associated with the personal training sessions. The sessions are sold both individually or in packages, at a reduced rate. For more information, contact us directly.

What hours are available?

Check out our Class Schedule. If you are interested in personal training, we are able to accommodate your schedule. Typically sessions are available Monday through Thursday from 5:30am to 7:30pm, Friday from 5:30am to 6:30pm and Saturday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Contact Us today to set up a complimentary session.

Do you have showers?

Yes we do!

Do you have parking available?

Yes! We have an abundance of parking. Even at peak hours!

I qualify for a discounted membership, what type of verification do you need for the discount rate?

We trust you.

Do you have to pay a monthly membership in addition to the classes or is the membership fee for just the classes?

Fees are just for the classes. All classes are group instructor led. We do offer a few open gym hours but membership is required to take advantage of these. Membership rates are for classes only. Open Gym, Olympic Weightlifting, and Mobility classes are free with membership. Yoga is $10 per class.

What is the coach:student ratio? Are there multiple coaches walking around helping adjusting and teaching while you’re working out? How many people are in each class?

Our smaller classes are 1-5 people and usually only have one coach. Our busier classes (6am, 6pm and weekend classes) can have 10-20 students and we have 2-3 coaches on staff to help with those classes. We pride ourselves on making sure everyone moves efficiently, you’ll get lots of attention.

How long are classes

All classes are one hour in length but we encourage all of our members to arrive early and stay late. Classes are comprised of a high paced warm up consisting of mobility, flexibility and lots of sweat. The warm up is followed with some form of skill or strength set for 20 minutes and lastly a metabolic conditioning workout which typically lasts 10-45 minutes depending on the energy system we are focusing our efforts in that particular day.

What type of commitment are you required to make to the studio? Is it on a monthly basis? Can you drop in for classes as needed? Can you buy a package of classes and use them as your schedule permits?

We require at least a 6 month commitment for month to month and a 3 month commitment for pre-paid. Our program involves a lot of technical movements which requires consistency, so unfortunately on a drop in, once in a while basis, you will be lost and robbing yourself of the experience.

When can I come in for a consultation?

Everyday at 8pm and on weekends at 11am we hold a complimentary introductory session for new members by appointment only. If that doesn’t work for you, we can schedule these sessions during class times to ensure that you will also get a feel for how it works. If you would like to set up the intro session take a look at your schedule and send us some days and times that work best for you and we will get you in ASAP.

How does the membership work?

Our membership runs month to month or pre-paid. We process payment through EFT so a voided check from a checking account would be sufficient. If you sign up on say the 24th, your membership would automatically renew on the 24th every month.

SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Using the correct technique makes a huge difference.”Rich B.
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I feel very confident in the gym now.”Yvonne M.
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris made OCS seem easy.”Steve W.
Capt. USMC
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris always emphasized gradual progression, which helped me to not get injured from exercise.”Kristin R.
Occupational Therapist
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I acquired more knowledge and results with Chris in six weeks than I did with my other trainer in two years.”Tom P.
Computer Guru
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“10 pounds of muscle in 5 weeks.”Matt S.
Furniture Maker
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I am now the strongest in my school.”Nick S.
Student Athlete
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I lost 15lbs in 30 days.”Kelly S.
Loan Processor
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I lost 20lbs in 2 months.”Bob M.
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris has made the healthy
lifestyle simple.”Houston G.
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris helped me become healthy and strong.”Mira S.
Radio Advertising
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I have learned so much being with my trainer.”David M.

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SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I felt a difference in my first week.”Carol T.
Event Planning
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I look forward to every workout.”Lourdes A.
Commercial Appraiser
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris made bulking up very
simple.”Mark K.
Property Management
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris has made working out much more enjoyable.”Michelle D.
Temporary Staffing
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris has made a tremendous impact.”Mike W.
Business Consulting
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I enjoy the variety of my workouts.”Edgar D.
Nuclear Engineer
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris was a slave-driver in his past life.”Jackson P.
Business Consultant
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris at times would make SEAL training seem easy.”Lt. Grant D.
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris Keith is an asset to the fitness industry.”Don A.
Personal Trainer
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“I’ve mastered my diet thanks to Chris.”Jason T.
School Teacher
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“Chris always emphasized the importance of safety.”David H.
Computer Analyst
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“30 lbs. of mass in three months”John C.
SDPersonal Trainer Testimony Box“My strength and size difference was very noticeable in 4 weeks.”John C.

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