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Eating for Success Series by A’verria Martin, Ph.D.

Almost daily we hear the question, “What should I eat?” We realize that eating for success can be confusing and scary due to the multitude of nutrition literature available. For that reason, we combed the literature and utilized years of experience to create the Chris Keith nutrition plan, which consists of nutrient dense foods that supports enhanced athletic performance and increases longevity. This plan was developed based on The Ten Focal Points of Nutrition: Water, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, Fiber, Probiotics, Phytochemicals, Lean Protein, and Low Glycemic Carbohydrates. Similar to the Paleo and Mediterranean diets there is a focus on lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. In contrast, low to moderate amounts of low-fat dairy, legumes, and low glycemic whole grains are permitted (if tolerated) – preferably pre- and post- exercise.

As a way to introduce you to the foods that will fuel your workouts and be the cornerstone of your athletic development, we are beginning a weekly Eating for Success Series! In this weekly article we will highlight one of the nutrient dense foods that can be found in the Chris Keith, Phase II: Maintenance Plan food list.

Today our focus is on Eggs. We recommend that you consume Free-Range, Cage-Free, and/or Organic Eggs. Free-range eggs are the product of hens that spend some segment of their day roaming outdoors. Cage-free eggs are laid from hens that are not raised and kept in cages, but in open barns. Organic eggs are typically Cage-free as well, but consume only organic feed produced on land that is free from the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers; these hens never receive vaccines or antibiotics. Free-range, Cage-free, and Organic eggs are known for having less fat and cholesterol, and higher amounts of vitamin A, vitamin E, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids than conventional eggs. Eating organic eggs has an added benefit of minimizing risk of exposure to antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides.

Eggs are a great choice for lean protein providing approximately five to seven grams of protein per serving. Lean protein is essential to a healthy diet and any weight loss or muscle gain program. Lean protein provides a feeling of fullness or satiety which can greatly reduce overeating. In addition, eggs are a nutritional powerhouse supplying almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by humans! Eggs contain carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin), which reduce the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and are essential for cell functioning. Eggs have a bad reputation for the amount of cholesterol in the yolks, even though egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D. To provide balance it is beneficial to minimize the yolks, using one yolk for every 2 to 4 egg whites.


Eggs Ole

3 large eggs (2 egg whites, 1 whole egg)
2 teaspoons of salsa
¼ Avocado

Crack the eggs into a preheated, nonstick skillet over high heat, breaking the yolk. Cook on one side for one minute or until fully cooked. Top with remaining ingredients.

Mexican Egg Scramble

3 large eggs (2 egg whites, 1 whole egg)
¼ Cup canned black beans
2 teaspoons of salsa
¼ Avocado

Scramble 3 eggs with ¼ cup canned black beans (rinsed and drained). Top with remaining ingredients.

619 San Diego Personal Training Presents… Day of Nutrition Expo (Feb 23)

619 San Diego Personal Training is excited to offer a unique one day only, Nutrition Expo!

9am-10am – A nutrition informational session including Pete’s Paleo, a short nutrition talk by A’verria Martin and hot topics such as local (Vegetable & Meat) CFA’s.

10am-11am A special Nutrition Day WOD (sure to be a gut buster)

11 am – ? The Not so Fast Food Truck will be coming to serve up delicious (paleo) food (self-pay)!!!

Please come and bring a friend or 2, eat and socialize after the WOD! Pease bring a chair to sit around and enjoy the healthy and active lifestyle.  We look forward to seeing you there!

No registration required.


Gluten Free/Carb Load

As most of us are either Paleo, gluten free or just keeping a well balance diet and watching carbs, there are some good points to know.

• LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL is truly the way to eat. You can assure you know what your food is all about. It is good to know you are getting the nutrients right from the source and the quality is always fresh.
• Check your local bakeries for multiple bread/carb options. Julian Bakery in Bird Rock has a wide variety of gluten free, carb friendly breads. Check them out! Watch out for those unknown and hard to pronounce ingredients in the “low carb” “Fat free” “Wheat Free” even some “Gluten Free” breads. Do your research!
• Carbs are important in the diet as long as they are taken in moderation. This is your energy, your fuel to a great workout or even a long day at work. Carbs are more than just bread and pasta, especially those Paleo – Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source and are delicious and can be prepared in numerous ways. A large grapefruit is not only an excellent source of a carbohydrate as well and provide many other nutrients for the body.

FUN FACT: 70% Diet and 30% Exercise. Remember! We are what we eat and with all the effort and hard work here at 619, make sure to fuel your body the right way for maximum results.

Terrific Tuesday 19 June 2012

Everyone at 619 has been killing it. With all of the heavy lifting and endurance training it is so important to refuel the body not only by what you put in but by stretching as well.

Stretching is so important because it can help reduce injury and the soreness that puts you just over the edge. Stretching will also help your strength training by allowing the muscles to be open and recover in the proper way. It only takes a few extra minutes so give it all you got and make your workouts count.

Not only is stretching a vital need to exercise but so is what you put in your body. Your body needs and craves good fats, a prime example are your omega 3’s. Keep a good eye out for the labels and you want to make sure you avoiding the bad fats which are the saturated fats and trans fats and making sure to get the monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. The good fats play such a vital role in your health and maintaining that killer body image.

“Nutrition Fact of the Day:” Good Fats! Avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, salmon, sardines and coconut oil just to name a few. These good fats make a huge difference in how the body reacts to a vigorous workout such as helping the body to stay lean, build muscle, provide energy, keep the metabolism running high and overall keeping you healthy. Be cautious of moderation but I challenge you to experiment in your kitchen and pantries and see what you are eating today. Make a change for the better!