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One-on-One Personal Training at 619 is the most effective way to achieve your individual health and fitness goals.If you want to learn safe and proper technique of the foundational movements and fundamentals of a successful health and fitness program in a more private setting then one-on-one Personal Training would be your best option.

619 Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training is strongly recommended if you have trouble staying consistent with your workout regimen, have been sedentary for a extended period of time, or are training for a competition. Personal Training is also suggested if you have significant physical and health limitations or just prefer a more individualized program and system of accountability. All one-on-one Personal Training Members have unlimited program access.

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Our Approach

Scientifically Proven and Evidence Based Fitness is our approach at 619 | San Diego Personal Training.

Nutrition – At the molecular level your nutrition lays the foundation to being successful in your health, fitness, athletic performance, and longevity. Our 3 Phase Nutrition Plan and 10 Focal Points of Nutrition has helped 1000’s of people in San Diego get healthy and in shape the right way. Our nutrition expertise is unparalleled, we practice what he preach and will show you how rewarding and easy it can be to eat healthy consistently by showing how we have been doing it for many years.

Aerobic Training – Aerobics will help improve cardiovascular function and respiratory endurance. In addition to decreasing your body fat, lowering your blood pressure, and cutting your cholesterol levels, aerobic exercise decreases the fat storing hormone insulin response and effects all of your natural hormone levels in a way that benefits your overall emotional well being and happiness.

Correcting Postural Deviations and Muscle Imbalances – Alleviating the risk of injury is very important for ensuring your overall and long-term success. Most injuries occur because of a lack of flexibility and unaddressed muscle imbalances and postural deviations. To some degree the vast majority of the population suffers from forward head, a protracted shoulder girdle, anterior pelvic tilt, some sort of muscle imbalance, or arthro kinetic dysfunction. Not addressing these issues can lead to serious injury and bring your exercise regimen to a screeching halt. Our Coaches at 619 in San Diego are leading experts in the fitness industry at safely correcting these situations and will show you how to properly address them using the latest techniques in exercise science.

Bodyweight Exercise – Activities like calisthenics, climbing, yoga, dance, and gymnastics help athletes to develop body control and kinesthetic awareness like no other. An unbelievable amount of strength, especially in the trunk and upper body can be developed along with flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy with this type of exercise. The great thing about this type of exercise is that it can be done almost anywhere. Of all athletes, gymnasts are the most well rounded and the best at learning any new physical skill or sport.

Weight, Resistance Training, and Olympic Weightlifting – Purposeful movements like Pushing, Pulling, Lifting, and Controlling External Objects is part of our everyday lives. Doing exercises that involve these types of movements increases our bone density, muscle mass, and flexibility. Weight Training and Resistance Training builds self-confidence, develops inner strength, and dramatically enhances our quality of life, especially as we grow older.

Olympic Weightlifting is based on the Deadlift, Snatch, Clean, Overhead Squat, and Jerk. In addition to helping you to be strong, fast, and powerful, Olympic Weightlifting is great for developing other general physical skills like coordination, agility, accuracy and balance. Both the Snatch, and Clean & jerk are extremely advanced exercises and require a lot of technique.

Tracking Progress – Activity logs, Exercise and Food Journals are the most useful tools for ensuring long-term success. Keeping track of your overall progress plays an integral role in staying motivated, goal oriented and ultimately achieving desired health and fitness levels.  619 in San Diego’s most successful Clients often set new Personal Records, and attribute their success to the tracking system.

Embarking on a fitness program without the use of these tools would be like building a house without a hammer.

Competition – Being competitive is natural and you should embrace the competitive spirit within you. Whether you compete with yourself or with others, your competitive nature will drive you to higher goals. As you aspire to be the best you will progress both physically and mentally to a level you would not achieve otherwise.

Longevity, Happiness, and Quality is the ultimate scoreboard for life and 619 is the winning team. We are honored to have you join us.