Monday 12 May 2014 | 619

Monday 12 May 2014

Crossfit 619

Crossfit 619

In 2011 I was able to attend The CrossFit Games and watched The CrossFit New England Team win it all. It was one of the most inspiring and awesome moments in my career. The video below is a little behind the scenes of what it takes and feels like to be part of a winning team. The Fittest Team on The Plant in 2011 went to the next level mentally to achieve their goals.

Please Don’t forget to do your part for the team. Arrive early, stay late, use your exercise journal, add weight to the bar, and dedicate yourself everyday to getting stronger, faster, and better. Our gym is for motivated people only.

After 2 years of hard work Jaime is going to The CrossFit Regionals and representing 619. Our goal is going to Regionals in 2015 as a team, 3 Male Athletes and 3 Female Athletes. We have more than 3 great male athletes that are ready. We need 2 more female athletes that are dedicated to getting there. We will not sell our souls to the devil or poach athletes from other crossfit gyms. We hope that our programming, dedicated coaches, facility, and culture of results and progress are what attracts those advanced elite level athletes moving to San Diego to join our team. Those elite athletes will come to 619 if they know we are serious about getting better so please do your part in making our team better. Be relentless in your pursuit of progress and results.

Thank you 619.

In Health,

Coach Chris

Please come to class today fully aware of what your current 1 or 2 Rep Max is and post your Push Jerk Max for today and WOD TIME to comments.



4 x 2 Jerk Dips + 1 Push Jerk
Every Minute on The Minute
4 x 1 Jerk Dip + 1 Push Jerk
Every Minute on The Minute
4 x 1 Push Jerk
Every Minute on The Minute
Find your 1 Rep Max

Add 20# to your 1 Rep Max
4 x 2 Jerk Dips
Every Minute on The Minute


5 Rounds
6 Shoulder to Overhead 155/110 135/95 115/75
12 Knees to Elbows
6 Wall Walks
200 Meter Run

crossfit 619



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