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Deanna Mellos | Athlete of The Month

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Deanna Mellos
Athlete of the Month

There is no doubt that our team members are not only fit, but highly spirited and loyal individuals. Many have been around for a very long time and Deanna Mellos, our Athlete of Month, is one of those athletes. Before CrossFit 619, there was Boot Camp 619 and Deanna is one of the few members who can say she has worked out with this crazy family since the boot camp days!

Deanna is highly spirited and very supportive of each person she works out with. You can catch her cheering on members not only in the gym, but at competitions as well. She makes everyone feel welcome and is very supportive of everyone’s goals. Her consistency and hard work ethic both inside the gym and outside make Deanna our Athlete of the Month.

Deanna makes her health and CrossFit619 a priority in her daily life. She never backs down from a challenge in the gym and participates in the all the CrossFit619 events. Outside of the gym, Deanna is the owner and founder of a non-profit agency for youth. She is truly an inspirational human being and we are fortunate to have her in the family.


What do you like most about CrossFit619?
What I like most about 619 is the people. I think we have an awesome gym with an even more awesome group of people. We are definitely more than your average CrossFit gym. New members and old members alike are very welcoming to anyone who comes through the door …regardless of age, skill level etc. We pride ourselves in making everyone feel part of the family even if they’re there only for one day for a drop in workout. I think all of us remember what our first day was like and how difficult it is to come into a new gym when you may not know anyone and may be a little nervous. Some of my closest friends are friends that I made over four years ago at 619. It’s my friends and fellow members at the gym that keep me motivated and push me to achieve my goals. The culture and values of the members of 619 encourage positivity, inspiration, personal growth, humility, laughter and a sense of family. I’m encouraged on a regular basis by looking around at all of the athletes that are in the morning classes and the afternoon classes. The programming, the coaches, facilities and the equipment are also phenomenal, but it’s all of those things combined that make 619 my home. Not to mention we have some of the cutest sweatshirts in town … I can’t count the number of people that compliment me on my 619 gear outside of the gym.

How did you get involved in Crossfit?
I have been working with Chris Keith and CrossFit 619 since February of 2009. I was looking to get fit and get into great shape…and as I told CK I wanted to get rid of my “muffin top,” which for the record has been gone since June of 2009. I came across an ad for Boot Camp 619, which today we call Crossfit 619. I met with CK on that day made the decision to join the 619 family!

What is the difference between CrossFit619 and Boot Camp 619?
There’s a lot of similarities between Boot Camp 619 and CrossFit 619. There’s a lot more Olympic weight lifting at CrossFit and I feel like there was a lot more cardio at Boot Camp 619. There was lots of sprinting, running, squats with 50lb. sand bags on our back, bear crawls up and down hills etc. I definitely think that the training and programming in Boot Camp prepared me for CrossFit.

What was your first WOD/experience?
My first workout was on a Saturday at Mission Bay. It was a workout out that was well thought out and planned -ass kicking, GI Jane, Navy Seals mix of ladder drills (with a heavy rope around my neck), squats with a 50lb sandbag, sprints, burpees, tire jumps…. I’m sure there was more, but after a while it became a blur. After the workout, CK sat down with me and helped me plan a menu for the next two weeks. He provided me with a food list and the focal points of nutrition. I committed to 30 workouts in 30 days and attained that goal. I have been committed to myself and the 619 family ever since.

How long have you been Crossfitting?
Since 2009

How do you balance Crossfit with life?
Crossfit 619 has become part of my weekly routine. It’s pretty simple…Cross Fit. Coffee. Shower. Work. If I miss any of those four things during my day (except for work), it’s not going to be a very positive or productive day for me. It’s become part of who I am and is almost non-negotiable at times. I am an individual who is result driven. I have seen phenomenal results through CrossFit and therefore have made the conscious decision to ensure that its part of my daily routine. In all honesty, a great deal of my motivation comes with the fact that I love to show off my legs and arms! Now this can come in any variation of a short strapless dress, tank top, booty shorts, etc. Also, I love the people I workout with! They are positive, fun, encouraging and supportive. I have awesome, knowledgeable and motivating coaches that push me to achieve my fitness goals.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
I think my biggest accomplishment is doing a pull up without a band.

What is your favorite/least favorite WOD/movement?
My least favorite movement is the overhead squat. I see those on the board and want to get back into my car.

Which is your favorite nasty girl?
My favorite Nasty Girl…is Cindy. She’s just a little nasty but still classy :).

What do you do a profession outside of Crossfit?
My profession outside Crossfit is an Owner and Founder of a Non-Profit Agency for youth. I oversee residential treatment homes for boys and girls ages 13-18 years of age. The youth I work with have been placed in my agency through the Department of Social Services and/or Juvenile Probation Department.

What are your hobbies outside of Crossfit?
Hobbies outside of Crossfit are traveling, boutique shopping and spending time with my friends and family over a great cup of coffee and great food.

A fun fact… or two…
1. I’m Greek and can speak it fluently. As a kid, I spent my summers in Greece in my grandparent’s village tending to goats and chickens.
2. I would love to open a chic women’s clothing boutique and name it after my mom.

Nutrition Lifestyle:
Being Greek, I have been raised on a Mediterranean diet. Which I follow about 70% of the time.



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