We Build Better Athletes | 619

CrossFit 619 January 28,29,30

Big Congratulations to Patrick, Jim, Dan, and Amber who ran The Carlsbad Half Marathon Yesterday!!! It was Patrick and Dan’s first half and both of them did very well. Amber PR’d and Jim rolled off the couch for this one and said, “That was easy.” Doing strength training in combination with stamina type training in the CrossFit WOD’s makes endurance stuff a lot easier. Try CrossFit and see how we do it! contact us at train@crossfit619.com to get started today.

I had the pleasure of attending the CrossFit Mobility Course over the weekend and learned a lot to help 619 be faster, stronger, and better athletes. We will be going over a lot of the MWOD stretching exercise before and after our heavy lifting this week. Hurry in and warm up so we can get started today.


5 x 10 Overhead Squat @72.5 to 77.5% of 1 RM All Levels
5 x 10 Pendlay Row @72.5 to 77.5% of 1 RM All Levels
with 3:30 Rest Intervals

CrossFit 619 WOD
5 Rounds
15 Barbell Rows L1 135/95 L2 115/85 L3 95/65#
25 Wall Balls 20/14


7 x 5 Flat (BB) Bench Press @ 85 to 90% of 1 Rep Max
7 x 10 Barbell Rollouts Elite/Adv. 7 x 10 Sit Ups Beginner
3 x 10 Flat (BB) Bench Press @ 72.5 to 77.5% of 1 Rep Max

CrossFit WOD “Annie”
Double Unders


7 x 5 Back Squat @ 85 to 90% of 1 Rep Max 3:30 Rest Intervals
7 x 5 Chin Ups
3 x 10 Back Squat @ 72.5 to 77.5% of 1 Rep Max
7 x 3 Kipping Handstand Push Ups

CrossFit WOD “Helen”
3 Rounds
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull Ups