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CrossFit 619 Monday 16 June 2012

How does a champion become a champion? Attitude is everything!

CrossFit 619 is an elite school of fitness and every CrossFit 619 athlete is requested to have an E.L.I.T.E. attitude.

E xpect more of your self than others expect of you

L ove what you do

I magine yourself as the best what would you do?

T each what you know

E xceed Expectations

“It takes talent to become a Champion.  It takes character to repeat as a champion.”  – John Wooden

Below is a video on 2011, 2012 CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning Jr.  I hope you find it as insightful and inspiring as I do.

Congratulations to 2008 619 Alumnist Christina Sloyer who’s team CrossFit Intensify got 14th place in the whole world at The CrossFit Games this past weekend!!!!

Warm Up

12.1 Open WOD 7 Minute Burpee AMRAP

Clean Skillwork

Monday CrossFit WOD

“Elizabeth” 21-15-9

Ring Dips