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Gluten Free/Carb Load

As most of us are either Paleo, gluten free or just keeping a well balance diet and watching carbs, there are some good points to know.

• LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL is truly the way to eat. You can assure you know what your food is all about. It is good to know you are getting the nutrients right from the source and the quality is always fresh.
• Check your local bakeries for multiple bread/carb options. Julian Bakery in Bird Rock has a wide variety of gluten free, carb friendly breads. Check them out! Watch out for those unknown and hard to pronounce ingredients in the “low carb” “Fat free” “Wheat Free” even some “Gluten Free” breads. Do your research!
• Carbs are important in the diet as long as they are taken in moderation. This is your energy, your fuel to a great workout or even a long day at work. Carbs are more than just bread and pasta, especially those Paleo Crossfitters – Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source and are delicious and can be prepared in numerous ways. A large grapefruit is not only an excellent source of a carbohydrate as well and provide many other nutrients for the body.

FUN FACT: 70% Diet and 30% Exercise. Remember! We are what we eat and with all the effort and hard work here at 619, make sure to fuel your body the right way for maximum results.

Teamwork Thursday

Here at Crossfit 619 we like to focus on the comradery vibe that lives throughout. Not only does it create a family feel but it also creates for motivation and dedication back and forth between our members. As we grow, it is important to always be looking out for others and help them grow with success in skill and strength. We want to feel that success in our box! Teamwork!

Kevin Kaiser – We Salute You!

Today we embark on a very sad yet enlightened day. Here at 619 we not only value what opportunity we offer our members but strongly uphold to what kind of members make 619 a success. Kevin Kaiser, just 24 years of age has begun a unique and ever so demanding new journey in life. Today marks his first day as an elite member of Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Newport, Rhode Island in which he will become a part of the Pilot Officer Program for the United States Navy. Kevin is what we call a “beast” here at 619. His performance here has been astounding and fascinating to watch. He has set and achieved fitness goals beyond what anyone could imagine the body to be capable of. He has set new PR records on every skill and continues to be at the top and his capabilities are endless and a sure thrill to witness. Kevin has played a very important role within our Crossfit family because he really has touched many lives but also has touched many hearts; the kid truly has a heart of gold. His strength and mental courage are one of a kind. With this, he has led a strong following to reach new levels. He has shown sheer determination for himself day in and day out, always striving for the best not once but sometimes two times a day. His experience and efforts with Crossfit are ever so humbling and with his efforts he will succeed at whatever he dives into. It is a given that he will set new athletic records in training and will shock them without a doubt. We are so proud to have Kevin grace 619 with his presence and he will be missed dearly. We are honored to have such a delightful man fight for our country and take action with his head held high. Kevin, we thank you and send you on your way.

CrossFit 619 Fantastic Friday

Welcome to the weekend 619’ers. We are all aware of the heat wave San Diego is having so as you enjoy your weekend make sure to stay well hydrated.

Did you know that a main cause of hunger is actually caused by dehydration? So before you dive into a non-healthy snack by ravenous hunger, gulp down some nice cold water. We want to keep our bodies nourished in the right way. Coconut water is also an excellent source and is delicious. Think smart after all the hard work you conquer here at the box!

Motivational Monday at CrossFit 619

Set a goal this week and take it day by day and step by step to conquer. We live in a world of “right now” and want instant gratification. If we can set our minds in the right direction and make a plan of action we can achieve long term success. Dedication has to come from within and confiding in yourself!

Buy in $$

5 Pull Overs for Quality
5 Rope Ascents
20 Kettlebell Snatches

PVC Mobility , Movement preparation for OHS and Snatch

Power Development

7 x 1 (2) Hang Power Snatch + Squat Snatch

WOD #1 5 Rounds for Time
10 Overhead Squats 95/65#
400 Meter Run

WOD # 2 for Quality
Elite 100 GHD Med Ball Wall Tosses
Intermediate 50 to 80 GHD Sit Ups

WOD #3 For Time
2 X 500 Meter Row with a 3 Minute Rest Interval